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Successfully Managing SP4N LAPOR!, Bali Provincial Government Shares Good Practices with Four Regions in Indonesia

Jumat, 14 Juni 2024

BaliTopNews - Journalists never die

DENPASAR, - Being the best region in managing the National Public Service Complaint Management System for People's Online Aspiration and Complaint Services (SP4N LAPOR!), the Bali Provincial Government shares good practices with four regions in Indonesia, namely South Sumatra, NTT, NTB and Maluku.

The agenda for sharing good practices in managing complaint channels facilitated by the Indonesian Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform was held in the Meeting Room of the Bali Inspectorate Office, Friday ( June 14, 2024).

Exposure to good practices in managing SP4N REPORT! conveyed by the Head of the Bali Province Communication, Informatics and Statistics Service, Gede Pramana, and the Head of the Badung Regency Communication and Information Office, I Gusti Ngurah Gede Jaya Saputra. The Regional Secretary of Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra, who was present at the activity, welcomed the groups from four provinces, namely South Sumatra, NTT, NTB and Maluku.

He also expressed his thanks to the ranks of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform who facilitated the organization of this activity. Talking about the management of SP4N LAPOR!, Regional Secretary Dewa Indra broadly mentioned two benefits of this digital-based complaint channel. "The first is the internal benefits, namely for institutions providing public services. Internally, we may feel that we have provided maximum services so that there are no more deficiencies. In fact, this assessment should come from the community because they feel it," he said.

Linked to SP4N LAPOR!, the public can provide feedback so that it can be used as evaluation material by service providing institutions. Another internal benefit of SP4N REPORT! is an opportunity for public service institutions to provide clarification on public complaints that may not be entirely true. Regional Secretary Dewa Indra then gave an example of public complaints regarding government hospital services, where they wanted to immediately receive specialist treatment without going through the emergency room procedure. "In fact, the patient must complete the procedure first in emergency treatment, so that specialist doctors have data about the patient's general condition," he explained.

He also  explained the benefits of SP4N LAPOR! for society. He explained that the public has the right to receive quality public services and the government is obliged to fulfill them. "With this channel, people can submit complaints regarding public services that they think need to be improved," he said. Dewa Indra assesses, SP4N REPORTS! which is a collaborative product of a number of ministries, is a channel created to bridge the interests of the government and society through digital channels. Coincidentally, said Dewa Indra, Bali is a pilot area for implementing this complaint system. Bali Provincial Government begins implementation of SP4N LAPOR! by unifying commitment among internal circles. “Commitment within the internal government environment is really needed so that this system can be implemented well. "Next, we will move on to socialization so that the existence of this canal is known to the wider community," he explained. In its implementation, the Bali Provincial Government also faces a number of obstacles, such as the public's lack of knowledge about the existence of the SP4N LAPOR! complaint channel. Another obstacle is the community's lack of courage in submitting complaints. Overcoming these obstacles, the Bali Provincial Government carried out more massive outreach so that the public knows more about what SP4N LAPOR! Meanwhile, to encourage people's courage to submit complaints, the Bali Provincial Government is adopting a responsive strategy to incoming complaints. "We respond to complaints that come in quickly, so that public trust grows. If there is no response, they will think this channel is not serious. So the key to success in implementing SP4N LAPOR! is the speed of response," he said.

Head of the Bali Communications and Information Technology Department, Gede Pramana, in his presentation said that the Bali Provincial Government's success in managing SP4N LAPOR! This cannot be separated from the support for free internet network access which has currently been installed at 2,303 points. Utilizing the free WiFi network in Traditional Villages, Community Health Centers and other public facilities, Diskominfos, as the leading sector in managing SP4N LAPOR!, is intensifying outreach regarding the existence of this complaint channel. "We use Pop-Up and Landing Page strategies so that people immediately get information when using the free WiFi service," he said.

Furthermore, Gede Pramana also explained the statistics on the number of public complaints via the SP4N LAPOR channel from 2019 to 2023, almost all of which received follow-up. Meanwhile, KemenPAN-RB Policy Analyst Solikin explained that Bali was chosen as the location for monitoring and evaluation activities of SP4N LAPOR! because it is considered successful in managing this digital-based complaint channel. (Rls/Btnc)


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