Commission III, Inspection Tabanan Regional Finance Agency Office

  • 08 Maret 2017
  • 20:52 WITA
  • News
Commission III Parliament of Tabanan was inspection Tabanan Regional Finance Agency Office on Wednesday 8, 2017. Inspection led by the Chairman of Commission III I Wayan Lara joint secretary, I Wayan Sudiana with members of commission III. They found the realization of a number of targets Tabanan Local Revenue is not optimal.

The Chairman of the Tabanan Regional Financial Agency I Made Sukada explained until February 2007 a number of local tax revenue has not been maximized. Such as the parking tax in 2017 amounted to Rp 51.263 million, until February 2017 realized Rp 5,565,866 or approximately 2.86 per cent. Ground Water Tax realized 8.11 percent, Land and Building Tax of 2.96 percent. “The realization of target regional income is not optimal because impact the establishment of regional organization formed by the end of December 2016. So in January and February we are focuse on the preparation of infrastructure especially the merger some regional organization formed,” Sukada said.

I Wayan Lara as chairman of commission III Parliament  Tabanan said they will continue to push the performance  Tabanan Regional Finance Agency " We saw and hear, there are many problem in Tabanan Regional Finance agency. We hope they have to work optimally,” Lara explained. He will visit some tourism destination in Tabanan which one contribute to Tabanan local revenue. RRBNC