Joged Nini Dance

Joged Nini Dance

The Spirit Tabanan arts and cultural communities can’t  be separated from the  agriculture. Joged Nini Dance whichis one of dance influence by cultural and artistic agriculture.

Dance Joged Nini is very important to be staged back in the community because it has many benefits in various aspects. In the religious aspect of dance performances is beneficial to the God. Question is the disclosure of gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widi  (God) because it has gained a satisfactory harvest. Useful addition to Dewa Yadnya, other benefits in the field of religion is to do Butha Yadnya. With dance performed Joged Nini, indirectly helped preserve nature and the environment, because Joged Nini Dance  teach people to always be grateful for the gift of nature given by God. People who are always grateful for the gift of the surrounding nature, tends not to be destructive nature.


In the social aspect of Joged NiniDance  useful to create a family atmosphere and mutual cooperation, uniting the community and increase a sense of openness in society. Joged Nidi Dance on cultural aspects  art talents through dance, song and instrumental music. In the aspect of education, Joged Nini Dance  can give a lesson to always give thanks to Ida Sang Hyang Widi (God)  .Learned not selfish and learn to keep what has been given by God Almighty to us. On the economic aspec   Joged Nini Dace  beneficial to generate income for the Tabanan area.


It’s can be concluded that the Joged Nini Dance  has many benefits in various aspects both in terms of religious, social, cultural, educational, economic and will be able to enrich society, both in the field of mental, physical, and material science.