HISTORY of Jatiluwih Village

HISTORY of  Jatiluwih Village

Ideally, to know the history of a region can be done by tracing the various relics found in the vicinity such as papyrus, inscriptions, or stories would be credible. Especially for Jatiluwih Village,  Penebel District,  Tabanan Regency  more historically rooted in stories of parents who can be trusted truth.

In etimulogis, Jatiluwih comes from two syllables  Jaton  and Luwih.  Jaton word meaning amulets, and  Luwih word means good. Having combined the two syllables that become Jatiluwih which means village had amulets are really good or intestate.

Jatiluwih village name is also based on the story that developed in the local community. It is said that in the middle of the village there are the graves of ancient animals bird Jatayu. From this Jatayu word gradually changed into a sound Jaton Ayu which means Luwih or Good. So Janton Ayu equal to Jatiluwih. Finally said Jatiluwih since the first set to be the name of the village and until now has not been changed

Other sources mention before named  Jatiluwih village once known by the name of the Girikusuma Village. In the reign of King Dalem Waturenggong that in 1460-1550 there was a figure who meditate in the village. He is Ida Bagus armature which then transform the village into the village of Jatiluwih name. Then in place of meditation built a temple called Pura Gunung Sari.


Jatiluwih Village indeed have a good talisman intestate. This was evidenced by the results, especially agricultural products sufficient to meet the needs of life for all the newcomers. As well as the assurance of safety for developing farm life.

Because of the enormous potential that the past era eat many Brahmins, Warrior, Wesia and Sudra from Tabanan Region who visited the village of Jatiluwih with expectations for safety respectively. Finally they who set up temples which are now in Jatiluwih Village such as Pura Luhur Petali, Pura Luhur Bhujangga, , Pura Taksu and others.

Still according to the story, the Ancestor of Jatiluwih village communities, all of which are people escape from various regions, some of which can be described as follows:


At the time I Dewa Agung Putu Patih Maruti ruling in Puri Kaleran Karangasem raids to Klungkung, the situation there became chaotic. Because of this chaos many people who fled to a place that is considered safe. Among the breakout group was derived from Kusamba fled to the foothills of Batukaru. In this place they established a settlement which they named Kesambahan. Until now no one Banjar named Kesambahan. The word is derived from the word Sambeh Kesambahan (Balinese language) which means scattered. So therefore immigrants in Foothills Batukaru is the scatter of Kusamba Klungkung district, the residence was named Kesambahan entrants.


At the time of Bendesa Buduk named Pasek Tohjiwa defeated by King Mengwi, then some people would not submit to the King Mengwi. They went into exile to the foot of the Mount Batukaru, they occupy various villages. One of the most large entourage settled in the village of Jatiluwih. It is true that today most of the residents of the village of Jatiluwih are citizens  Pasek Buduk (clan) . There is another group coming from Singaraja, from the village of Gobleg.   Pasek Gobleg contact with slander and threatened with death or executed by the Raja of Buleleng. Perhaps because of fear, they with their children fled to the village of Jatiluwih and remained there until now.