Delegates Marigold Southeast Asia Visiting Subak Guama, Tabanan Bali
Delegates Marigold Southeast Asia such as Thailand , Philippines , Vietnam and other country  India,   visited the demonstration plot Marigold ( Gemitir Flowers ) in Subak Guama , Selanbawak Village , District Marga , Tabanan Regency  , on Tuesday ( 17/5).
The visit was one of a series of 11 th Marigold Crop Team Meeting held in Bali from March 17 to May 19, 2016.

Visit of a delegation from Southeast Asia and India was accompanied by the Director of PT East West Seed Indonesia ( Ewindo ) , Afrizal Gindow . According Afrizal Gindow , Subak Guama, Marga, Tabanan, Bali is  especially made for  demonstration plot planting of various types of marigold.  Because Bali is a largest  producer and consumer of marigolds ( gumitir ), in Indonesia . More than 90 percent of the national production of marigolds in Bali , because of the interest of this type is very closely related to the ritual in Bali .
Afrizal reveals the potential market is huge marigold in Bali . Farmers can earn big against this product   . " 90 percent marigold market in Bali, " he said

Afrizal said with seeds, marigold , each tree can produce about 1.2 kilograms of flowers . It is estimated that the price of the seeds marigold seedlings very cheap Rp 550. " marigold plants can generate Rp 12,000 per tree . If you farmer has 1,000 trees then the result could reach Rp 12 million once the harvest , " he said.
Nyoman Warsa as farmer Subak Guama , claimed to have a very close relationship with this national company . He claimed a lot of get assistance and guidance from the Red Arrows . " With this trial we hope marigolds can grow and thrive well in the Guama Subak , " he said .