Gathering Success Family Farm Java and Bali Degree of Innovation -Based Processed Rice 2016
Gathering  successful farmer families in Java - Bali and Innovation Degree rice-based processed products in 2016 was held in Cau Choclate,  Cau Sub Village ,  Tua  Village, District of Marga, Tabanan Regency , on Wednesday (18/5) . One-day activities is a research agreement between PT HM Sampoerna Foundation and  Somya Pratiwi.
Arga Prihatmoko manager of stakeholder relations and csr east sampoerna said this activity in order to meet the agricultural  Indonesia which is commemorated every year in July. The  aims to introduce a broader program, performance, and engineering best method of rice cultivation known as the system of rice intensification (System Intensification of Rice Cultivation (SRI) to the national level as well as the title of processed products based on rice that has been done of the family farm Java-Bali . in addition, Sampoerna also want to encourage the establishment of a sound understanding and cooperation among stakeholders in support increase  income of farmers and sustainable food security, especially through agricultural innovation

" Sampoerna is committed in supporting government programs , especially the ministry of agriculture in achieving national food security . SRI program initiated since 2007 have also been successfully increase the welfare of farmers through planting rice productivity is better , " he explained .
Meanwhile, Assistant II Tabanan Regency , I Wayan Miarsana representing Regent of Tabanan stressed that the government supports the efforts carried out by the PT Sampoerna  aimed at the welfare of farmers. " We strongly support this program , we hope that even this kind of activity takes place continuously . So that our farmers in Tabanan get  new information from farmers who are outside Tabanan , " he said.

Besides attended by representatives of farmers from Java and Bali , the event was also attended by Deputy Chairman of Parliament Tabanan, Ni Nengah Sri Labantari as well as Chairman of the DPC IWAPI Tabanan , legislators Ida Ayu Ketut Candrawati Tabanan , Bali HKTI Chairman Prof Nyoman Suparta .