Diversity Indonesia Perform By Student Early Childhood Education

The students of Early Childhood Education  (ECD)  of Tabanan Regency, show  their skill and ability in culture carnival on Friday afternoon (20/5). The children were so excited to perform in theme was Diversity of Indonesia . Not only in the presence of parents and teachers alone . But in the presence of officials within the Tabanan regency and the general public who watch the carnival.

They perform some art and dance, such as tektekan , okokan , some traditional Balinese dance , drum band , until the fashion show various types of professions. The carnival parade starts from  Hero’s Grave ( Taman Makam Pahlawan Pancaka Tirta )  to the office of the Regent of Tabanan . Then they perform in front of the office of Regent of Tabanan

Ni Komang Tri Ayuningsih as ECD Section Head Office of Education Youth and Sports  explained , the carnival is a place for students of early childhood education in expressing themselves . Moreover, each year , each ECD have extracurricular activities ." We try to provide a container in the form of this activity. And , this event actually routinely held every year , " said Tri Ayuningsih. She added that the carnival was also voted one of the series of commemoration of National Awakening Day 0n May 20, as well as National Education Day which falls on May 2.  This carnival activities , he continued , as well as a medium to sharpen the intelligence of children . Because in theory , ages 2 to 4 years is a golden period for the development of children's intelligence . " In this period , 80 percent of children's intelligence is growing, " She added.