Tanah Lot Bali Support Interhash 2016

Bali Interhash is held again in 2016 . Having previously been held in Jakarta in 1982 , in Bali in 1988, in Magelang in 2012 , and in China in 2014.  Indonesia is believed to hold back the international grand event Interhash . 2016 Bali is finally chosen as the host of this cross-country sport activities . Sport cross-country Interhash held once every two years , in the form of searching for traces of no competition that combines running, walking along the river , hiking, and other activities .

11 destinations into a Run Site Bali Interhash 2016 , namely Bedugul , courtyard Baturiti ( Tabanan ) , Margarana ( Tabanan ) , Batulantang ( Badung ) , Sangeh ( Badung ) , Goa Gajah , Tampak Siring ( Gianyar ) , Goa Lawah ( Gianyar ) , Padang Padang beach ( Semarapura ) , Turkish Pandavas ( Uluwatu ) , Nusa Penida ( Klungkung ) . While two locations Run Site also held a parade of art and culture is the Red Dress Run in Sanur and Ball Breaker Run in the Evening Courses , Badung

Especially for Tabanan , Interhash choose Baturiti ( 21-22 May ) and Margarana ( May 22 ) to cross natural adventure . As the region has a natural potential in accordance with the wishes of the hasher world . Activity for 2 days in Tabanan was attended by 2,000 hasher hasher both Indonesian and foreigners from 75 countries in the world . Once arrived in Baturiti and Margarana , hasher greeted by the distinctive art of the Art Okokan Tabanan . Hasher was comforted and not infrequently they come to dance to the rhythm of the okokan even for selfy    . In activities that start at 13:00 pm , Tourist Destination  Tanah Lot participate in sponsorship support of the Bali tourism promotion activities in general and Tabanan regency , especially in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Culture Tabanan regency .

" We as a party related to the world of tourism , always support the Government in promoting tourism in Bali in general and in particular Tabanan regency . And in the event of our 2016 Bali Interhash DTW Tanah Lot participated success of the event " , said Ketut Toya Adnyana as Manager Operations DTW Tanah Lot . " In this event our media branding campaign , one of them to distribute to participants. Not infrequently they are asked directly about Tanah Lot , this shows their enthusiasm towards Tanah Lot . Hopefully, affect tourist arrivals to Tanah Lot , "added Toya Adnyana.