Student of Elementary School Dies Due to Dengue
Anak Agung Ngurah Jaya Narendradiningrat ( 7 )  First Grade Student Elementary  School  address Tamrin Street , Kediri District  , Tabanan Regency  died due to dengue fever . First son of Anak Agung Ngurah Manik ( 36 ) as local Bali reporter ,  died in Tabanan  Hospital   on Saturday night ( 21/5 )

Ngurah Manik Sunday ( 22/5 ) deplored the handling of the Tabanan Hospital sluggish treat and manage children . He said , before being treated in the ICU , Narendra had time to check the blood in the family doctor , on Tuesday ( 17/5 ) then. The results of the test, platelet Narendra 190. However, on Saturday ( 21/5 ) at around 16:00 pm Narendra conditions nausea would not eat . Narendera then ushered his mother Sagung Alit Sri Nurdewi to Tabanan Hospital . By the hospital , Narendra only given medication nausea and allowed to go home . "Should the hospital , check again platelets my child again . Not just rely on the results of four day ago, previous lab checks , "said Manik softly.
But around 20:00 pm , Narendra condition worsened , and vomiting blood . "I was no coverage in Ubud , and decided to go straight home , " said Manik . Narendra was then rushed to the BRSU Tabanan for treatment. Turns Narendra condition was critical and should be treated in the ICU. " My child's condition is getting worse , heart beat weakened, " he explained . Around 23.30 , Saturday ( 21/5 ) Narendra died.

Head of Public Relations Tabanan  Regency Putu Dian Setiawan together Pewarta ( Tabanan Journalists Association ) expressed condolences to Anak Agung Ngurah Manik . " We are sorry to hear , hopefully abandoned given fortitude, " said Dian Setiawan.