Tabanan Hospital Argue Not Procedure
Tabanan Hospital denied did not giving maximum care to  Anak Agung Ngurah Narendradiningrat ( 7 ) who died of Dengue Fever.

The statement expressed by Deputy Director of Field Services and Quality Control Tabanan Hospital, dr Ni Luh Gede Sukardiasih M. For , on Monday ( 23/5 ).  She said that , the patient came to the hospital on Saturday (21/5) at around 15:30 pm with complaints of nausea and eating  decreased.
Our attending physician was   immediately check the condition of the patient and conducting observation for 30 minutes. "After the heat checked the patient at that time was 36.3 C," she explained. At that time, the healthy condition of patient was   good. He can walk and climb into the bed itself. After being examined and given medication nausea, then  our doctors allow patients return.  “ We give advice, if the patient does not urinate in expected time of 3 hours immediately invited back to the hospital,” she added.
When asked why the doctor did not perform a check of blood to the patient when the patient's mother has shown the results of lab tests check the patient's blood Thursday (19/5)?. dr. Luh Gede explain the views of the patient  condition is not hot, and still able to walk and sit up in bed without help so it does not do a blood test was hospitalized.

Around 21.30 pm the patients come again with conditions already unconscious. "At that time we focus on treating patients Narendra , " he explained . Once installed  Incubation tool , the patient's condition was stable . Moments later his condition have decreased dramatically and should be treated in the ICU. Finally, patients was died last Sunday ( 22/5 ) morning at around 0:15 pm. " Patient hit by  Dengue Shock Syndrome , injured section of the stomach resulting in vomiting blood , " She explained .