Australian Tourist Completeness Vehicles Check By Police
Australian Tourist who was riding a  motorcycle checked completeness of the letters her vehicles  when obediently operating held by  Tabanan Police Resort , Friday ( 27/5

She can showing the completeness of driving , such as  International  driver's license ( SIM ) and the Vehicle registration number ( vehicle registration ). Because  she brings completeness vehicles , finally police  allowed  she  pass.

Chief Police of  Tabanan, AKBP Putu Putera Sadana, explains this operation involved 92 joint personnel from the police , the military , municipal police , the department of transportation , the court , the department of revenue . " Until now , a total of 726 motorists were dealt with because it does not include the letters of vehicles , " he explained .  He said compared with last year, the violations now only about 5 percent . Down from last year . "It means that the public awareness on completing her driving is increasing, " he explained .