11 People Dengue , Perean Village Hold Mosquito Nest Eradication

Prevent increasing 11 people contracted  Dengue Fever in Perean Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency.  Locals resident hold  mosquito nest eradication.

Activities take place on Monday ( 30/5 ) in four sub village of Perean Village.  Such as  perean , puseh , penyucuk and  bunyuh . Besides attended by the Muspika ( sub district head, the police chief and  rayon military command ), there some of village heads in Baturiti , Baturiti Community Health centers.  Also present were teachers and students of SMAN 1 Baturiti , as well as SD No. 1 Perean with a total of 230 people .

Head of Perean village , I Nyoman Sumantara first specifies the instructions and divide places mosquito eradication by each participant .

Head of Baturiti Community Health Centers II, dr Ni Putu Ariani Listia Sari said that 11 Perean village residents  contracted Dengue Fever . On this basis mosquito eradication efforts simultaneously . Because  Mosquito Nest Eradication simultaneous efforts are more important than the effort pogging for Mosquito Nest Eradication directly eradicate mosquito larvae . " With a credible form of  mosquito nest eradication we could pass through every home in a way that 3 ways,   drain water tank , shut tubs and burying cans as a potential mosquito breeding dengue fever , " She explained .