SMAN 2 Tabanan Donations Money,Staple Food For Poor Families

  • 09 Juni 2016
  • 20:56 WITA
  • News
SMAN 2 Tabanan (Senior High School )  stage social humanity, donation for eight poor families, Thursday (9/6).  
The titled of social action is  Bisma Cares 2016 was witnessed by Head of Education , Youth and Sports Tabanan I Putu Santika

Head of SMAN 2 Tabanan, I Wayan Gede Samba explains Bisma Cares 2016 is program to implementation of the concept of Tri Hita Karana. In the field of parhyangan held social events at some   temple. Such as Puseh Bedha Temple, Pakendungan Temple, Puseh-Bale Agung – Dalem Temple Tabanan City, Puseh Grogak Temple , Pura Anyar, Beji Demung and Dalem Kebontingguh Temple . In the field of palemahan staged a clean plastic waste on the  Batutampih beach , i and Yeh Gangga Beach,. While in the field pawongan, held actionable care for poor families on this occasion given to 8 head of Poor Households. Eight poor families are give  each 50 kg of rice, Rp 400 thousand, instant noodles, egg, oil and used clothing . Poor families address at Sub Village  Mal Kangin in Dajan Peken Village. Sub Village Banu Mandala Pangkung in Delod Peken Village. Sub village   Ambengan and Taman in  Gubug Village, Sub Village in Delod Peken Village. Sub Village Dauh Pala in Dauh Peken Village  and in  Jegu  village .

"All the goods and money donated  by the students, teachers and employees at SMAN 2 Tabanan," he explained. I Wayan Gede Samba also stressed that the aim of the activities Bisma Care 2016 is shaping the character of students according to the curriculum in 2013.
"Output who wish we expect from this activity is the formation of the student's character, faith fear of God, as well as care for others and the environment," he said. In the future, the program will continue with greater service. Bisma Care 2016 starting from June 1 to June 10, with closed social work degree at the SOS Village Bantas, East  Selemadeg Districts
Head of Education, Youth and Sports, I Putu Santika appreciate Bisma Care 2016  program implemented in SMAN 2 Tabanan. "Programs like this should be followed by other schools. In order to foster the student's character in accordance with the concept of Tri Hita Karana, "he explained. He strongly supports these activities with implications for the relationship between man and God, with fellow human beings, and human beings with their environment. So as to create harmony in life both at school and everyday life.