Sri Labantari Donation Two Wheelchairs in Buwit Village

  • 17 Juni 2016
  • 19:27 WITA
  • News
Ni Nengah Sri Labantari as Vice Chairman of The  Parliament of Tabanan Regency  donation two wheelchairs for two elderly people in  Buwit Village  , Kediri District , Tabanan Regency  , Friday ( 17/6 ). Two elderly who are suffering pain in Banjar Delod Uma , Desa Buwit donation  wheelchair which I Gusti Putu Kerta ( 70 ) and I Wayan Gabreg ( 85 ).

First aid submitted to I Gusti Putu Kerta ( 70 ) whose condition is difficult to sit because of stroke pain from  10 years ago . I Gusti Putu Kerta Grandson expressed his gratitude for having donation  wheelchair by Sri Labantari . He said , donated the wheelchair for the first time received. " Aid is the perfect wheelchair . Because since our grandfather suffered a stroke could not walk , only able to get up and sit in the bedroom , " he explained . With the wheelchair , can help when his grandfather wanted to sit outside the room or just a breath of fresh air on the home page . Wheelchair donation both also handed to I Wayan Gabreg ( 85 ) whose home is not far from I Gusti Putu Kerta ( 70 ) home.  Gabreg almost equal to Putu Kerta suffered a stroke since several years.

Ni Nengah Sri Labantari deeply concerned about the condition of the people who are suffering , especially the elderly . For that he was trying to provide assistance to alleviate the people who are ill and their families . Before handing assistance , he must first seek information , help what type of aid . " I will continue to make every effort possible to help citizens who need rock . As experienced by two people in Banjar delod Uma , Desa Buwit  , " Labantari said.