Regent Eka Explain Pancasila and Trisakti for Delegation of Bali Democracy Forum IX

  • 09 Desember 2016
  • 20:01 WITA
  • News
Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti explain Pancasila and Trisakti to the Delegation of Bali Democracy Forum IX in Bali Bina Insani Boarding School, Meliling Village, Kerambitan District, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province on Friday December 9, 2016.

In her speech, the Regent Eka echoing Pancasila and Trisakti was born by Founding Fathers well as the First President of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno.  As the leaders of regional she always tried to maintain pluralism and religious tolerance that develop in Tabanan society. Moreover, Pancasila, was teach and born by Ir Soekarno  as Founding Fathers as well as the First President of Indonesia has mandated the unity and integrity.
"Because of Pancasila, Tabanan be strong. Because of Trisakti, Tabanan be strong, "said Regent Eka in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi all participants BDF IX.

Regent Eka said, it was with the whole range in the Tabanan regency thank the Committee BDF IX makes Tabanan as an example of tolerance and pluralism at the community level. She also hoped the visit the ministers and delegates to Tabanan forum can provide a special experience. “I hope the harmony that develops in Tabanan as a vibration to the all of the archipelago and other countries," said Eka.

H Ketut Imadudin Djamal, Head of Bali Bina Insani Boarding School explained, the school he leads an agency that teaches real togetherness and tolerance. "That, creation all human beings are all brothers. Man was created to love each other, give each other. Differences that exist in every nation is a gift of God, "he said.

He added,  in Indonesia there is Pancasila. Meanwhile, in Bali Bina Insani Boarding School also taught about Pancajiwa consisting of sincerity, loyalty, integrity, fraternity, and simplicity. "A total of 341 students in Bali Bina Insani we teach Pancasila and Pancajiwa. We used different here. Because in our view,  the rainbow was beautiful because of the colors. A garden was beautiful because there are a variety of flowers and plants, "he explained. He said that pluralism is a necessity. In Bali Bina Insani, pluralism is no longer an idea, but a fact. "We leave aside differences. We are prioritizing the equation. Other people talk about tolerance as an idea, we have made the facts. A total of 16 teachers in Bali Bina Insani Hindu. In fact, in MA (Madrasah Aliyah), 50 percent Hindu teacher. And, we are not concerned, "he said. Moreover, he added, there is a book that was translated into Balinese. Then, in the curriculum there are extracurricular activities that refer to local wisdom. One of them, extracurricular Balinese dance. "We also manage cattle to involve our Hindu brothers," he said.