Parliament of Tabanan Raise up Budgeting ADD

  • 04 Januari 2017
  • 20:35 WITA
  • News
DPRD Tabanan ( Parliament  of Tabanan ) raise up budgeting  ADD ( allocation village funds ) for 133 villages in Tabanan Regency. That was meeting conclusion between Tabanan  Perbekel Forum with parliament of Tabanan on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

Raise up budget allocation village funds based on Perbekel disturbed and that was Perbup (regents regulation ) number 47 in 2016 about income of the village. The perbekel fear award village income exceeds 30 percent from the allocation village funds. Perbekel afraid mired in legal cases in the future.

"One steps that can be taken to solve the problem is raising the allocation villages funds  (ADD) . The funds that we diverted from gempur poor program funds amounting to Rp 18 billion, we leave the village to directly add ADD, " said I  Ketut Suryadi as the chairman  Parliament of Tabanan  (DPRD ) .Thus the fixed income of the village could be improved and does not violate the provisions in accordance with Regulation (government regulation) 43 in 2014.