Regent Eka Need Tabanan Saber Pungli Team Improve Coordination and Socialization

  • 03 Februari 2017
  • 20:07 WITA
  • News
The Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti need Tabanan Eradicate Illegal Collection Team ( Saber Pungli )  to improve coordination and socialization. She was said that statement on meeting with Tabanan Saber Pungli Team in  meeting room Regent Tabanan Offiece on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Regent Eka expressed her appreciation to the Saber Pungli Team that has been formed. She also asked for coordination and communication should be improved. Need intensive socialization between Saber Pungli team with the community. " Socialization is one of the most important things, socialize related tasks, functions and Saber Pungli  Team program to the entire community, it is that the information can be received clearly by the community. Its performance is very fast, so people have to be quick get related information from Sabar Pungli team. Especially for people in the village, the information they receive is slower than people in the city, so Saber Pungli team should be responsive to all complaints society,” She said.

Regent Eka stressed that saber pungli team can be function effectively in combating the practice of illegal collection in Tabanan regency government. "Hopefully,  Tabanan Saber Pungli can combating illegal collection in Tabanan, and  Tabanan regency could bring free from illegal practice  and become clean district of extortion, be Tabanan prosperous, secure and achievement," She added.

Present at the meeting, First Assistant  Secretary of Tabanan Regency Wayan Yatnanadi, Tabanan Regency Superintendent I Gede Gunawan, Tabanan Police, and all  Tabanan Saber Pungli Team.  RRBNC