Balinese Celebrate Tumpek Landep Day

  • 04 Februari 2017
  • 10:34 WITA
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Tumpek Landep day is the day devoted to invoke salvation to God Almighty that they form as a God Weapons (Pasupati). Tumpek Landep celebrated once every Six months. Base on Balinese calendar on Saniscara ( Saturday ) pond wuku landep.

Tumpek Landerp ceremony held in Bali because it contains the essence and meaning of high and very related to human life on earth. Especially regarding human intelligence, because the man himself is included religious beings are always in touch with supernatural power.
The Word Landep means Intense or sharpness. Tumpek Landep is an expression of gratitude Hindus especially in Bali against God were down to earth and giving sharpness to human thought. The sharpness was like a pointy shaped weapon / pointed like a dagger, spear and a sword.

In terms of other metal materials such as iron, silver, bronze is already a lot of help and facilitate the work of human beings in their daily lives. Tumpek Landep feast itself is a series of the feast of the others and if sorted would be like this: Galungan, Kuningan day,  Saraswati and the day and the feast Tumpek Siwaratri Landep itself. In celebration of its own Landep Tumpek can be done at home and temple by collecting heirloom objects or objects made of metal, the ceremony is done from morning to evening.
This ceremony continues from generation to generation until today, which at present is not only a weapon made of iron, but the goods ,  other device that contains elements of iron or objects can move made of metal such as (motorcycles, cars) household appliances and other  participating give  advice.RRBNC