Commission IV, Inspection Nyitdah Hospital

  • 07 Februari 2017
  • 20:03 WITA
  • News
Commission IV Tabanan Parliament was inspection Nyitdah Hospital on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. They suggest improving health care to patients in Nyitdah Hospital.

Inspection leaded by I Made Dirga as chairman of commission IV with Ni Made Meliani and I Gusti Komang Wastana. I Made Dirga, chairman of Commission IV wished this hospital services could be utilized by the community in need. He said he also urged that the hospital and other concerned parties to immediately how this magnificent building to the maximum enabled. "Today Tabanan hospital was so over by the immense number of existing patients, even to bed shortages, it certainly is not very good in the future. I hope that the building will immediately benefit quickly, "he said. He also expects 2020 RS Nyitdah hospital already operational with the maximum.

Director of Nyitdah Hospital, dr Nyoman Wisma Brata said so far it also continues to make the arrangement. Similarly, buildings are planned to be built eight buildings stood incomplete. He acknowledged the public health service demand is very high and called for improved public services. RRBNC