Dozens of Rice Milling in Tabanan, Invalid License

  • 12 Februari 2017
  • 20:44 WITA
  • News
Dozens of rice milling in Tabanan Regency invalid license. The owners are reluctant to take care of a license extension for various reasons.

Head of Agriculture Tabanan I Nyoman Budana  on Sunday , February 12, 2017 said he did not remember the total number of milling rice in Tabanan regency. "Sorry sir I do not carry data,” he said when confirmed via telephone.

Total number of rice milling in Tabanan hundreds. Even that dozens rice milling business invalid license.. "Around dozens rice milling business invalid license," he explained. He do not remember the exact number of invalid  license of rice milling.  Efforts are being made it is suggested that the owner of the rice milling extend . "The main reason not to extend the rice milling owner license . They are small business, " he said. RRBNC