Regent Eka Announce Officially Open Bridge in Jegu Village

  • 13 Februari 2017
  • 21:44 WITA
  • News
The Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti to announce officially open bridge between ngis sub village and sigaran sub village in Jegu Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency on Monday, February 13, 2017.  Bridge 18 meters  and 3 meters wide  was built by the Tabanan government in collaboration with the District Military Command 1619 / Tabanan , Indonesian Army Integrated program.

"I am very proud to see the cooperation between the TNI and the people in building a bridge until the bridge is finished and now be utilized by the people. Thanks to the commander and all those who contributed, worked together, and have a sense of ownership so that the bridge can be useful, “ Regent Eka Said.

Regent Eka also advised that in the future should be more active to do, not just the military. She said that in this life should be saving karma. Because, karma would revert to ourselves. "In the future not only military, but all parties must do. Do Something! Make something based on conscience, because this life is saving karma and kindness. By building a bridge we can help many people in Jegu, so all who will receive the karma, in life should be mutual care, did according from the heart, if all would like it Tabanan  achievements will never be left behind and become a number. 1, "She explained.

The village Perbekel Jegu I Made Wirawan Edy revealed before the bridge was built access to Banjar Banjar cry to Sigaran or otherwise very difficult. "Prior to this bridge, a walkway, to pass the residents have to walk down through a steep ravine. This bridge also connects Pura Goda Mount Batur Sari Tegeh and so it is very easy for our society, "he said.
I Made Wirawan Edy as Head of Jegu Village said, before the bridge was built access to two sub village or otherwise very difficult. “Before we have bridge, this is a walk way. And the residents have to walk down through a steep ravine. This bridge also connects between Kahyangan Gunung Tegeh Temple  dan Batur Sari Temple, it is very  easy for our society, "He said. RRBNC