Regent Eka Donation Funds and Staple Supplies for Landslide Victims in Songan Kintamani Bangli

  • 20 Februari 2017
  • 20:51 WITA
  • News
The Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti donated Rp 100 million for landslide victims in Songan B  village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, on Monday (February 20, 2017). Regent Eka also donated funds Rp 200 million collected by civil servants in Tabanan Regency.

In addition, Regent Eka as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Siwa Agung  Jagadhita Bali Foundation also donated  a truckload of staple supplies with cash  Rp 8.6 million. The aid collected from Siwa Murti students all over Bali. The handover was witnessed also by the Chairman of the Siwa Murti  Foundation Dr Jero Mangku Made Subagia and all students.

To the villagers of Songan B, Regent Eka expressed condolences for the victims of the disaster. In particular, those who have lost family members. "We came here to share the love. Moreover, some of these days I see a lot of the victim (the disaster) in Bangli. Actually, not only in Bangli was disaster. In Tabanan, in Candikuning there was a landslide. But the most severe we feel here (Kintamani), "said Eka.

According to her, in private activities shared love and care to disaster victims is one of them driven desire to be personally useful to others. Including the disaster-struck communities.
"I try to be a useful person. What does it mean to me. Because where I am is not out of thanks to God Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. We must always share the love. And, do not forget what we have today is only deposited, "She said.“I do hope this donation to be useful and beneficial for the victims. Use it wisely. I also entrusted to Bangli Regent relocation matter where and if possible immediately, "She continued.

Meanwhile,  The Regent of Bangli I Made Gianyar represent the people , expressed gratitude for the concern Regent Eka, civil servants in Tabanan regency, as well as Siwa Agung Jagadhita Bali foundation and Siwa Murti.  "We represent  Bangli people , especially  landslide victims expressed gratitude for the infinite agreed to attend at the hands of grief that we experienced," Made Gianyar said. RRBNC