Today, Hold Nationality Discussions, Anticipating Journalism Provocative and Hoax

  • 23 Maret 2017
  • 11:40 WITA
  • News
Today, hold nationality discussions anticipating journalism provocative and hoax ini Be-Jawa, Tabanan, Thursday ( 23 March 2017).

 According to the head of the editor I Ketut Sugina, behind convening the discussion because he saw the rapid development of the Internet is currently the field of information indefinitely with rapid deployment and comprehensive coverage for the community. "Nowadays anyone can access the Internet in order to know an incident anywhere and anytime," he said. In addition he said the Internet media can now be used to learn about anything simply by typing a keyword in the search engine field. On the other hand the progress of these technologies may have negative consequences, there is a consequence of the spread of information, especially when everyone is free to act as a source of information. "There is not dividing wall between fact and hoax," He said.
"Our expectations of this discussion is able to minimize and even counteract various journalism / news provocative and hoaxes such propaganda interest groups that damage the joints of nationality or radical groups, separatism and communism were later heavily utilize the flexibility and freedom of the media and even foreign propaganda considering the area of Bali which is international destinations as well as the target of radical groups as well as one of the bases of the Papuan separatist group in performing its consolidation, " Sugina explain.
This discussion presents  some key speaker, such as Chairman of the Association of Online Media (AMO) Bali, I Nyoman Setiawan, Chairman of AJI Bali, Hari Puspita, media observers  Putu Agus Swastika Director STIMIK Primakara Bali, Mas Rofiqi is the Former Chairman of AJI and Tempo reporter.  And Panca Wardani as moderator who will guide the discussion.  RRBNC