AMO Bali Declare Anti Hoax

  • 23 Maret 2017
  • 21:07 WITA
  • News
AMO (Bali online media association) was declare anti hoax. Declaration anti hoax was held after the nationality discussion by, in Be-Jawa , Tabanan Regency on Thursday (March 23, 2017).

Chairman of AMO Bali Nyoman Setiawan said The existence of hoax is very dangerous and capable of breaking the unity of the nation. "To fight the hoax, our online media bali incorporated in AMO Bali declaring anti hoax,"  Nyoman Setiawan said.

Meanwhile the discussions nationality entitled "Concrete Efforts to Counteract Provocative Journalism and the Media Website Hoax" was running well. Four speakers who were present agreed to fight hoax. As introduced by Sutiawan, indeed admitted hoax widely circulated in a number of social media. "The hoax in social media can be traced, by checking the address of the editor of the account, or permit. If it does not mean it's obvious lie or a hoax, "he explained.
The others key speaker was agree anti hoax. That was express by Chairman of AJI Bali, Hari Puspita, media observers  Putu Agus Swastika as  Director STIMIK Primakara Bali, Rofiqi is the Former Chairman of AJI and Tempo reporter.  RRBNC