Beraban Village Hold Melasti Ceremony in Tanah Lot

  • 25 Maret 2017
  • 23:52 WITA
  • News
Beraban  Village hold melasti ceremony in Tanah Lot beach on Saturday, March 25, 2017. Melasti is yadnya ceremony in the Hindu religion which generally aims to purify themselves inwardly and outwardly. Melasti ceremony held once every 1 year, which is a series of Nyepi Day in Bali. Nyepi this year on 28 March 2017.

Beraban Village in Melasti ceremony, involving hundreds of residents from fifteen custom sub village. Local and international tourist who are visiting Tanah Lot interested in take picture that moment.
When the process of Melasti, people who bring "Pratime" and other sacred objects also  feet into coastal waters as a symbol of purification for save and peaceful of Nyepi Day.

“Pratime “is the epitome of cult objects in every temple of each custom bajar  in Pakraman Beraban hallowed or sacred, accompanied by a variety of equipment such as offerings, banners, umbrellas, to the accompaniment of drumming like traditional music bleganjur. According to one participant at the Melasti Tanah Lot Beach, the purification ritual consists of two things, namely "Bhuana Agung " or the universe and "Bhuana alit" which is implementation by soul. RRBNC