DPD Perindo Gianyar, Strengthen Our BAJA

  • 10 April 2017
  • 23:23 WITA
  • News

DPD Partai Persatuan Indonesia ( Perindo ) Gianyar strengthen our  BAJA as organization wing of the party was assembled with Dharma Shanti event, Caka New Year 1939 at Wantilan Tirta Empul Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency on Sunday , April 9, 2017.

Chairman of the Council Perindo Gianyar I Gusti Ngurah Purbaya in his speech told all the officials and members BAJA to always maintain the honor attached to these attributes wing of the party organization. BAJA as a frontline guard of honor party always behaves politely expected in every movement. According to Purbaya, Hary Tanoe soedibjo as Chairman Perindo Party, forming BAJAs not to simply for style much less scare people but the formation of the BAJA expected to participate to help forces in maintaining security and order.

Dharma Shanti activity begins with praying together in Tirta Empul who continued with the Dharma Tula (discussion) with the theme "Relevance principles Hindu leadership in contemporary political pragmatism". In the event that was attended by administrators Dharma Tula DPD and the entire board of DPC in Gianyar Regency growing range of issues that the proposals made by the party to raise the Hary Tanoesoedibjo .
Nyoman Arjawa as secretary PDP Periondo Gianyar from Blahbatuh who has served as a member of Parliament II Gianyar period 2011 till 2014 expressed his pride to be part of the party perindo. Dharma Shanti Event 1939 is filled with discussion about the principles of Hindus leadership seen as a tangible form that distinguishes Perindo with other parties. Perindo party as a modern party through activities and programs that have been carried out real well and will be implemented Arjawa words drew him to plunge back in the political  in Gianyar.  Arjawa added Prgamatisme and authoritarian style political parties place earlier career had made him to be skeptical and reluctant to engage in politics. But the party that put forward Perindo real work, patterns of regeneration, independence and togetherness as a base movement back makes compelled to take part in building Gianyar through politics. With experience as a politician who never pass it to the Parliament of Gianyar , he determined to raise Perindo Party in Gianyar.
In line with the statement Arjawa, Nyoman Tangkas from Payangan District politician who had served as a member of Parliament II Gianyar and is now Chairman of the DPC Perindo positions Payangan, expressed diversionary maneuver saw the doings and politicians over the years. But look perindo pure movement fighting for the unity and prosperity of Indonesia felt compelled to jump back in politic and join to Perindo party. The event ended with the surrender of Dharma Shanti punia (parcel) in the form of custom clothing to 60  Hindu priests from various regions in Gianyar regency. RRBNC