Social Program of STISIP Margarana Tabanan in Gadung Sari Village
STISIP Margarana Tabanan implemented the planting of thousands of ceremonial trees in Gadung Sari Village, East Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency, Wednesday ( April 19, 2017).

A thousand tree seedlings of ceremony such as mejegau, intaran, cepaka, sandan, sawo are grown in the framework of the social work of STISIP Margarana students assembled with the distribution of parcels to 20 priests, and 88 groceries to the Poor Family.
Present in that program the Regent of Tabanan which is represented by the expert staff of regent I Ketut Subrata, I Gusti Ngurah Darma Utama as sub district head of  East Selemdeg, Police, Army,  head of village Gadung Sari, I Wayan Sukadana.

Chairman of the Committee I Nyoman Satiana explain the social work of STISIP Margarana Tabanan in Gadung Sari Village involving about 200 students, plus the campus academic community. He explained that the work begins with a joint ceremony at Puseh Temple , then continued with the distribution of the gifts to 20  priests, the distribution of basic food to 88 poor families. And the last event to carry out the ceremonial tree planting is accompanied by cleaning the area around the Puseh temple. "The purpose of this integrated social service to provide training to students to socialize with the general public,” he said. RRBNC