86 Students of STISIP Margarana Tabanan Will Be Graduated on April 28, 2017

86 students of STISIP Margarana Tabanan will be graduated ceremony in Grand Ina Bali Beach Sanur on Friday, April 28, 2017.

It was said by head of STISP Margarana Tabanan I Wayan Madra Suartana when take off 86 graduation in campus  STISIP Margarana, on Friday, (April 21,2017 )

He explains, XVII graduation with participants 86 is a proud thing. The reason is only one study program that is the State Administration of college students who are quite a lot. "It is quite proud of both campus and alumnus environment, although only one study program but many enthusiasts," He said.

"I hope, after graduation to become an alumnus STISIP Margarana can apply knowledge so that it is useful in social life," Madra added. RRBNC