The Governor of Bali Gives Tax Relaxation for 2022, Basic Exemption and Administrative Sanctions for BBNKB II

  • 05 Januari 2022
  • 21:01 WITA
  • News
Governor of Bali Wayan Koster

DENPASAR, -Bali's economic condition until December 2021, has not shown significant signs of recovery with economic growth in the third quarter still contracting by -2.91% and in the fourth quarter it is estimated to grow by 1.1%-2.12%.


The community wishes to carry out the Transfer of Motorized Vehicle Names, but on the other hand it is constrained by financing due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As an effort to validate and improve the motor vehicle database where the current condition is data on motorized vehicles with the status of control but not yet owned (not yet renamed) as many as 211,192 units.

(consisting of 82% two-wheeled vehicles and 18% four-wheeled vehicles).


The results of the combined operation and door to door data collection in 2021, it turns out that there are still 3,779 units of Balinese foreign plate vehicles operating in Bali, consisting of 40%

two-wheeled vehicles and 60% four-wheeled vehicles.


As a solution, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, on Wednesday (January 5, 2022) provided a pro-people policy to ease the burden on the people through tax relaxation in the form of exemption from the Transfer of Title Fee for Motorized Vehicles (BBNKB) II, by issuing Bali Governor Regulation Number 63 of 2021 concerning Basic Exemption and Elimination Administrative Sanctions for Transfer of Vehicle Names

Motor Vehicle Ownership of the Second and Further Motorized Vehicles, which will take effect on January 5th

until June 3, 2022.


"The public is advised to make the best use of this policy," Koster concluded. .(gix)