Governor of Bali Wayan Koster Asks Tourism Actors to Commit to Preserving Balinese Culture & Mandatory Balinese Traditional Dress Every Thursday

The Governor of Bali The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster

BADUNG, - The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster asked tourism business actors in Bali to commit every Thursday, Purnama and Tilem, as well as the Anniversary of the Bali Provincial Government to use Balinese Traditional Clothing in accordance with the implementation of The  Governor of Bali Regulation Number 79 of 2018 concerning the Day of Using Traditional Clothing Bali which is in line with the spirit of the Bali Provincial Regulation Number 4 of 2020 concerning Strengthening and Advancement of Balinese Culture, to the Bali Provincial Regulation Number 5 of 2020 concerning Standards for the Implementation of Balinese Cultural Tourism.

This request was expressly conveyed by the number one person in the Bali Provincial Government, after reprimanding one of the hotel managers at ITDC, Nusa Dua, Badung when opening the Joint Declaration to Create a New Civilization Broadcasting Through Quality Information on Thursday (Wraspati Pon, Wariga) 12 May 2022 morning at The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Badung.


In her remarks in front of the Chairman of Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Meautya Hafid and Chairman of the Central KPI, Agung Suprio, Wayan Koster explained that the Bali Province has now begun to see its tourism since March 7, 2022 ago, both Domestic tourists and International  tourists have starting to arrive, because the Covid-19 pandemic in Bali from the beginning of the year until May 2022 has been sloping and stable. The signs of the slowing down of the Covid-19 pandemic in Bali are already showing results, starting after the involvement of many people at traditional ceremonies in Bali, such as at  Besakih Temple and earlier during the celebration of the Holy Day of Silence on 3 March in all regencies/cities in Bali there was an Ogoh - Ogoh celebration that involved many people, but apparently Covid-19 did not experience a spike in cases. "So it remains stable until now. Likewise, during the Eid al-Fitr holiday and collective leave, many people go to Bali and to this day I observe the case remains stable," Governor Koster explained. 


Governor Koster said that this was due to the orderly implementation of the health protocols and the booster vaccination has now reached almost 70 percent. "So this is the highest booster vaccine in Indonesia," The Governor of Bali said while mentioning from that parameter, Bali is actually very conducive to being visited by domestic tourists and foreign tourists.


Regarding Bali tourism, the former Member of the 3rd Period of the DPR-RI from the PDI-P Faction said that the island of Bali was not specifically designed with a plan, but developed naturally. So because of its culture, Bali has developed its tourism. But for too long tourism in Bali has not been directed with the right policy, so that its development is not good, ragged, and here and there is lacking, but because Balinese culture is attractive to outsiders, Bali is still a concern and number one choice one world community to visit.

For this reason, the Governor of Bali, who graduated from ITB, imagines that Bali tourism is not well managed, people used to still diligently visit Bali, let alone managed it well. "That is why, I am currently really managing Bali tourism in a fundamental and comprehensive manner based on culture, and oriented towards quality and dignity. This is what we really want to emphasize," Wayan Koster said. 

So you don't want this tourism to sacrifice culture, instead tourism must build culture. Because Bali without culture will not be able to become a tourist area. "So far, it is culture that maintains tourism, it should be tourism that maintains culture, because tourism has an interest in culture," Governor Koster said who has issued Governor of Bali Regulation No. 28 of 2020 concerning Bali Tourism Governance.

So now,Governor Wayan Koster said, we will begin to balance tourism actors with the people in Bali who are so strong in maintaining their culture. "That is why, I am currently developing Bali, really using culture as the source of development, making culture the mainstream of development, because Bali does not have any wealth, such as not having gas, coal, to not having gold. But Bali is only has only one wealth, namely culture. If this is not maintained properly, I think tourism will be left behind, people will no longer turn to Bali for tours. If nature is beautiful, more beautiful than Bali or the same as Bali, outside Bali there is a lot of nature But what distinguishes Bali from other regions is culture. That is why, I am now starting to be firm in cultural matters by using the Bali Provincial Regulation Number 4 of 2020 concerning the Strengthening and Advancement of Balinese Culture, which is accompanied by the Governor's of Bali Regulation Number 80 of 2018 concerning the Protection and Use of Balinese Language, Script, and Literature as well as the Implementation of the Balinese Language Month, and Governor of Bali Decree Number 79 of 2018 concerning the Day of Use of Balinese Traditional Clothing," Koster explained . For the use of Balinese Traditional Clothing, every Thursday, Full Moon, Tilem and Anniversary of the Bali Provincial Government, all actors in Bali, ranging from public and private employees, hotels must also wear Balinese traditional clothes. "So I saw the hotel manager was not wearing Balinese traditional clothes, I immediately reprimanded him. So I don't want to see unruly and disciplined behavior in Bali, but all must respect Balinese culture. We need an orderly, disciplined life system that truly respects culture, because we are a cultured nation, so our culture must be respected," the Governor of Bali explained. 


Ending his directive regarding Bali tourism, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster emphasized that traveling is allowed, but you must respect culture, don't let him (tourism actor, ed) just make a profit in Bali by not preserving culture, I'm sorry. I will not allow that. “So if you want to do business in Bali, build this Balinese culture together, so that they can grow together, be strong together, and benefit together. I think that's what must be grown in Bali," the Governor of Bali concluded. 

Meanwhile, Chairman of Commission I of the DPR - RI, Meautya Hafid while listening to the speech of the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster in his view revealed that before becoming the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster had been fighting for culture since 2004 when he was a Member of Commission IX of the DPR - RI. “I am very happy, Mr. Governor, who happened to follow developments in Bali, from when we arrived, the hotel was specially opened and until now from Canggu to Tabanan the traffic jams are extraordinary. So we give applause to the Governor who has brought Bali, hopefully it will be even better after the Covid-19 pandemic," the Chairman of Commission I of the DPR – RI concluded . (Rls/Btnc)