Chairperson  of the TP PKK Bali Province Interactive Dialogue "Preventing Senile Dementia in Old Age,” at RRI Singaraja

  • 20 Juni 2022
  • 23:06 WITA
  • News
Chairperson  of the TP PKK Bali Province, Putri Koster, conducted socialization through electronic media, on Monday (June 20,2022) at RRI Singaraja.


BULELENG, Balitopnews. com – The TP  PKK Bali Province whose main task is to play a role in carrying out social action and socialization in improving the welfare of the community in general in a sustainable manner continues to go out into the field, in addition to directly touching the actual condition of the community, it is also used to disseminate understanding about knowledge for young people. children to the elderly.

 To disseminate information as a whole, the Chairperson  of the TP PKK Bali Province, Putri Koster, conducted socialization through electronic media, on Monday (June 20,2022) at RRI Singaraja.

Putri Koster was accompanied by NS. Cokorda Istri Inten Purwaningsih (Bali Region Alzhiemer Coordinator) explained a number of tips against senile dementia in old age.

In general, senile conditions experienced by elderly people are common for everyone. However, it is different in terms of health that senile dementia is one of the disorders that a person has due to a loss of concentration and is called dementia.


This dementia can occur or be experienced by parents and even young teenagers who are passive or choose not to be active anymore in activities. Dementia or senile dementia can arise because they are mostly silent, sleep too much, rarely exercise, stress, harboring problems without any solution and choosing to worry about life too much.

"This fear causes us to be lazy to do activities so that it interferes with the muscles to move. This of course affects the brain that undergoes changes so that it affects mentally and physically," Putri Koster said.

"To prevent premature senility or sustainable senility, it must be determined a healthy lifestyle with adequate rest, healthy eating patterns and carrying out focused activities while also maintaining good communication with family members and other people around us,"  Putri Koster added  who has the principle not to stop learning as long as there is a chance.


In order to avoid early dementia, it must be socialized so that everyone does not think that small things are trivial so that they do not become a big problem.


NS. Cokorda Istri Inten Purwaningsih as Alzhiemer Coordinator for the Bali Region explained that senile dementia or dementia is a disease that can happen to anyone and results in disruption of daily activities caused by the lifestyle that was carried out at a young age.

"Lifestyles during youth, for example, lack of exercise, keeping problems in the heart, closing communication with other people so that they tend to cause stress to become a trigger or factor for us to go senile. So I recommend everyone to adopt a healthy and regular lifestyle with good planning. it's eating patterns, doing activities (hobbies) that you like, resting patterns and making friends/communication with anyone as long as it brings positive things,” She said.


To make a good and prosperous life, we need to instill for all family members to live peacefully side by side, be open in solving problems and take care of parents (whether it's our mothers and fathers or grandparents) so that the elderly are able to live in peace with strong memories and of course to be a qualified elderly.



She explained again that senile dementia cannot be treated but can be prevented. Because we can detect senile characteristics, it will be seen that it is difficult for someone to focus or concentrate in doing daily activities, quickly forget to put things in a continuous period, disorientation of time (don't know how to go home, don't know the names of family members). ) and find it difficult to make decisions for their children.

 Generating active participation from the surrounding community so that intelligence can be efficient, so that it is able to advance and develop armed with noble and virtuous character that has been embedded in its own personal characteristics.


To avoid dementia or senile dementia, the elderly should often be invited to do familiar activities, gather with friends and entertain themselves with their fellow elderly.(Rls/Btnc)