The Chairperson of The TP PKK Bali Province Receives Audiences of a Number of Institutions and Community Elements

  • 23 Juni 2022
  • 21:06 WITA
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The Chairperson of The TP PKK Bali Province Receives Audiences of a Number of Institutions and Community Elements

DENPASAR, - The Chairperson of The TP PKK Bali Province  who is also the Chair of the Bali Province Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) Putri Suastini Koster met with institutional leaders, organizational management and community elements in the Jayasabha Meeting Room, Wraspati Wuku Langkir, Thursday ( June 23, 2022).


Several institutions and organizations that met with Putri Koster were the Bali Province BKKBN, Bali Province KPPAD and the Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Committee. On the same day, Putri Koster also received Krama Bali Los Angeles and Ciputra Life audiences. The Head of the Bali Province BKKBN Representative, dr. Ni Luh Gede Sukardiasih conveyed the plan to commemorate the National Family Day (harganas) of Bali Province which will be held on June 29, 2022. Enlivening the 2022 Harganas, the Bali BKKBN will hold a talk show with the theme of stunting and invite  Putri Koster as a resource person. In addition, he also reported on the establishment of Genre Ambassadors (Generation Planning) at the provincial and district/city levels throughout Bali.


Putri Koster welcomed the plan to hold a talk show that raised the issue of stunting. She argues, stunting must be prevented as early as possible starting from educating young women who will become mothers-to-be. "The behavior of young women who will become mothers-to-be must be considered because later it will have an effect when they enter a period of pregnancy," She said. Regarding the Genre Ambassador, Putri Koster reminded that this forum should not only be formed, but must create a real program to plan for the future.


Next, Putri Koster received the commissioners of the Bali Province Regional Child Protection Commission (KPPAD), chaired by Ni Luh Gede Yastini. Starting his presentation, Yastini introduced the ranks of the Bali KPPAD commissioners for the period 2021-2026. On that occasion, Yastini said that his staff focused on the monitoring program. In addition, KPPAD also intensively coordinates with the Traditional Village Council and Paiketan Krama Wife (PAKIS) MDA Bali. His party encourages the child protection program to be included in the Pararem of the Traditional Village. In another part, she also informed a number of agendas that will be carried out by the Bali KPPAD in order to enliven the 2022 National Children's Day. One of them is a letter writing contest about children involving high school/vocational high school students. "They can write about anything about the situations that children face in their environment," She said. In addition, KPPAD will also hold a workshop and publish a book. Yastini hoped that Putri Koster would write a poem that would later be included in the book.


Putri Koster appreciated the Bali KPPAD program in order to protect children from various forms of violence. Referring to the form of the institution, KPPAD Bali is directed to focus more on educational and outreach activities that can be achieved by making simple but effective advertisements. Regarding the commemoration of the 2022 HAN, she invited KPPAD to work together to organize events involving children.

Next, Putri Koster received the Head of Krama Bali Los Angeles, Desak Nyoman Sri Gestari, who conveyed the various activities organized by this community. So far, his party has been intensely promoting Balinese arts and culture in Los Angeles (LA). In addition, this community also helps Balinese children who are studying in LA. On that occasion, Sri Gestari also expressed the desire to have a temple holy place like the Balinese Hindu krama community in Belgium.  Putri Koster appreciates the existence of this association that accommodates Balinese manners in LA. Regarding the desire to build a temple, she suggested that Balinese manners in LA coordinate with similar communities in Belgium.


On the same day, the unified Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Committee (KOPITU) Bali also met with Putri Koster in her capacity as Chair of the Bali Dekranasda. On that occasion, Chairman of KOPITU Bali DPW I Wayan Rediyasa conveyed KOPITU's work program in encouraging the progress of Bali's MSMEs. One of the programs is the plan to establish cooperation with Japan. In response to this, Putri Koster said that the spirit carried by KOPITU was the same as the Dekranasda Bali, which was to become a forum for the promotion of MSMEs. Therefore, KOPITU is asked to focus on real programs whose benefits are felt directly by MSME actors. He then gave an example of the Dekranasda Bali program which focuses on the craftsman development program through the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition. Because according to her, there are many problems that must be addressed in the traditional craft industry.


Still related to efforts to promote MSMEs, Dekranasda Bali also received an offer of cooperation from Ciputra Life. Regarding what can be collaborated, Putri Koster emphasizes the efforts to develop and facilitate marketing. He greatly appreciated the contribution of the private sector in the success of the development program. (Rls/Btnc)