Diskominfos Bali Province Turns On The Cyber ​​Lantern Again

  • 01 Juli 2022
  • 22:07 WITA
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Diskominfos Bali Province Turns On The Cyber ​​Lantern Again

CPNS in Bali Province are expected to become literate internet users and digital  expert 


DENPASAR, Balitopnews.com - The Bali Provincial Communication, Information and Statistics Agency collaborated with the Bali Province Human Resources Development Personnel Agency again lit the "Cyber ​​Lantern" torch at the Bali Province Civil Service Staff Latsar on Friday, Sukra Pon Medangsia, July 1, 2022 at the Nirmala Mahendradata Hotel Denpasar Bali .


This time, Lentera Cyber ​​Goes To Latsar is the implementation of a similar activity to the second edition, where the first edition was held in May 2022. Previously, Lentera Cyber ​​Goes To Latsar was involved in Independent Tasks, this time, Lentera Siber had the opportunity to collaborate on SMART ASN materials with instructors from BKPSDM Bali Province. This time, Lentera Siber Goes To Latsar enriched the material in terms of Digital Safety. The 4 pillars of digital literacy presented in the SMART ASN material are pillars that must be owned by all CPNS and civil servants so that they can make the best use of the cyber world.


Lentera Siber explores Digital Safety from the practical side of everyday life, both at home and in an organizational environment.


Head of the Bali Province Information and Statistics Communications and Statistics Agency, Gede Pramana, welcomed this collaboration with BKPSDM. Gede Pramana hopes that Lentera Cyber ​​can continue to collaborate in Latsar activities so that CPNS in Bali Province become literate internet users and digital expert . Gede realized that in the midst of the massive use of technology, the security side became very important. Unconscious users can render even the most sophisticated system useless. For this reason, he hopes that the slogan "Sec_rity Without U Is Not Completed" can be truly understood and realized together.


In the implementation of Lentera Cyber ​​Goes To Latsar this time, the Head of Encryption Division I Putu Sundika, who immediately gave the material, invited the Lentera Cyber ​​team consisting of two SANDIMAN members as well as Sub Coordinator and 1 information systems analyst. The material presented this time is the concept of electronic certificates and how to validate the authenticity of an electronic mail, multifactor authentication and material about malware. In his material, Sundika also explained the Information Security Guidelines in the Bali Provincial Government where every employee who uses ICT assets in the form of internet connections, laptops and so on, must fulfill fourteen items in the guidelines. This guideline was created to ensure the security of the cyber environment in the Bali Provincial Government. Lentera Cyber ​​is a literacy program initiated by the Office of Communications and Information Technology of Bali Province through the change in the Administrator Leadership Training (PKA) Year 2022 Batch I. This literacy program in addition to conducting short literacy, and holding 20 JP cybersecurity training, also conducts literacy in various forms in various fields. social media. (Rls/Btnc)