Vice  Governor Cok Ace Appreciates the Implementation of PORSEBANK Bali 2022

  • 02 Juli 2022
  • 22:07 WITA
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Vice  Governor Cok Ace Appreciates the Implementation of PORSEBANK Bali 2022

DENPASAR, - Vice Governor of Bali Prof. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) appreciated the holding of the Bali 2022 Sports and Banking Arts Week (Porsebank) which was officially opened at the Bali Province Bank Indonesia Representative Office Courtyard, Saturday, July 2,  2022 (Saniscara Wage Wuku Medangsia).

Cok Ace hopes that the activities held to enliven BI's 69th Anniversary will become a medium for communication and interaction between banking ranks. “In this kind of activity, winning is not the only goal. What's more important is that the event runs successfully and smoothly," he said. More than that, Porsebank should be a medium for banking players to build synergy and collaboration in completing tasks that are closely related to economic aspects.

Still in his speech, this Denpasar ISI Professor called the Head of BI Representative for Bali Province Trisno Nugroho as an extraordinary figure who was able to re-organize this activity after eight years of vacuum. “This is amazing, at first I thought, Porsebank was discontinued due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it turns out that it has been in hiatus for 8 years,” he added while hoping that in the future this activity could be carried out in a sustainable manner.

On the other hand, Cok Ace in particular expressed his gratitude to BI and the entire banking sector for their hard work in overseeing the economic growth of the Bali Region. He was quite relieved because in the first quarter of 2022, Bali's economy grew positively by 1.46 percent. However, according to him, this figure is still far below the average growth rate before the pandemic, which was 5.6 percent. “Currently, Bali is still stuck in the 32nd rank among all provinces in Indonesia. Collaborating with all components, the government continues to seek solutions and policies that can accelerate Bali's economic recovery," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the BI Representative for the Province of Bali, Trisno Nugroho, explained that the Porsebank 2022 activity was a contribution from the banking sector to accelerate Bali's recovery. After eight hiatuses, he hopes that in the future Porsebank can become a biennial event. Trisno Nugroho who also serves as Chairman of the Bali Banking Consultative Body (BMPB) added that this activity involved 37 contingents consisting of 850 participants.


In addition to competing in 8 sports, the committee also held two activities in the arts, namely a singing competition and a fashion show made from endek. "Through a fashion show made from endek, we want to support local government programs in preserving traditional Balinese woven fabrics," he concluded.

Adding Trisno Nugroho's explanation, the Chairperson of the 2022 Porsebank Committee I Gusti Agus Hendrawan explained that this activity was aimed at fostering togetherness and collaboration among the banking ranks in encouraging economic growth in the Bali Region. In addition, through this activity, the Balinese banking ranks want to show their support for the go green program and are proud to use domestic products. "Because in Bali, we want to be active in supporting the preservation of traditional woven fabrics such as endek," he said. Porsebank Bali 2022 with the theme 'Together We Are Stronger' is held every Saturday and Sunday, from July 2 to August 17, 2022. The opening of Porsebank Bali 2022 is marked by the beating of gongs and the release of birds. On that occasion, the cone cutting was also carried out to mark BI's 69th anniversary. (Rls/Btnc)