The Kings of The Nusantara and Overseas Will Meet Up in Bali

  • 05 Juli 2022
  • 21:07 WITA
  • News
Kings of the Archipelago and Overseas Will Meet Up in Bali


DENPASAR, -- The kings of the archipelago and abroad will meet in Bali in August 2022 in celebration of the traditional and cultural festival of the archipelago. The information was conveyed by the Chairman of the DPP Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (MATRA) KGPAA Mangku Alam II when he met with the Vice Governor of Bali, Prof. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) at the Vice Governor's Office, Tuesday (Anggara Paing Wuku Pujut), July 5, 2022.


In addition to participating in the traditional and cultural festivals of the archipelago, the kings will also witness the inauguration of Andi Bau Malik Baramamase Tatukajanangan from the Kingdom of Gowa who will replace Mangku Alam II as Chair of the Matra DPP.


Starting his presentation, Mangku Alam II explained that this organization was formed in 2016 and was officially declared at Borobudur Temple in July 2017.

Its establishment aims to preserve and strengthen the customs and culture that grows in the archipelago. To achieve this goal, Matra wants to hold an activity that will later become the organization's brand and can be carried out in a sustainable manner. "Finally, the idea came up to hold a traditional and cultural festival of the archipelago and for the first time we are holding it in Bali, to be precise at Puri Klungkung," he said. Apart from being related to the organization's mission, this activity is a form of Matra's contribution in supporting the recovery of Bali which was slumped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The traditional cultural festival of the archipelago which is coupled with the inauguration of the Chairperson of the DPP and the management of Matra will be held from August 16 to August 20, 2022. A total of 206 kingdoms have confirmed their arrival at this event, consisting of kings in the archipelago and a number of countries. He said 30 foreign kingdoms would be present at this event. Foreign kingdoms that will attend include Hawaii, Laos, Spain, Uganda, Gana, Congo, Syria and Lebanon. Because the moment of its implementation coincided with the commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, Mangku Alam II conveyed the king's desire to be able to take part in the proclamation ceremony held by the Bali Provincial Government. In addition, he also really hopes for the presence of the Governor of Bali at the inauguration of the Matra management which is coupled with a traditional and cultural festival of the archipelago.


The Vice  Governor Cok Ace expressed his appreciation and gratitude for Matra choosing Bali as the place for the inauguration of the new board of directors coupled with the traditional and cultural festival of the archipelago. In addition to being in line with the Bali Provincial Government's commitment to strengthening customs and culture, he believes this activity will contribute to efforts to recover the Bali economy, which has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. What's more, Matra's activities will also be attended by kings from a number of countries. Regarding the desire to participate in the RI Independence Anniversary ceremony, he will convey this to the Governor of Bali.

On the same day,The Vice Governor Cok Ace also received the Organizing Committee for the 9th Bali Inter-Islamic Boarding School Sports and Arts Week (POSPEDA) in 2022. Kyai Jaka as the group leader said that POSPEDA will be held in Badung on 22 July 2022. Besides aiming to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and hone the arts and sports skills of Islamic boarding school students, this celebration is also intended to restore Bali's tourism sector. (Rls/Btnc)