The Bali Provincial Government Hands Over Aid From The Ministry Of Agriculture To Hundreds Of Cattle Breeders Affected By FMD Mouth And Nail Dieses

  • 19 September 2022
  • 17:09 WITA
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The Bali Provincial Government Hands Over Aid From The Ministry Of Agriculture To Hundreds Of Cattle Breeders Affected By FMD Mouth And Nail Dieses

DENPASAR, – The Bali Provincial Government handed over assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture to hundreds of cattle breeders affected by FMD (mouth and nail diseases) who had been conditionally cut. The assistance in the form of cash was handed over directly by the Regional Secretary of the Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra after receiving it from the Director of Veterinary Public Health (Kesmavet) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Syamsul Maarif at the Office of Agriculture and Food Security of the Province of Bali, Denpasar on Monday, Soma Pon Ugu ( September 19, 2022).


Dewa Indra expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture for realizing its promise by providing assistance to around 412 breeders who have agreed to slaughter their cows conditionally according to the central government program. "This is not a short struggle and it will take a long time, because we have to continue to lobby the Kemenkomarves (Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment-ed)," he explained.


In addition, the Regional Secretary Dewa Indra also expressed his gratitude to the farmers for having given up their cows being conditionally slaughtered. According to him, every cow that is slaughtered is conditionally paid by the government in the amount of IDR 10 million. "This is a form of your participation in an effort to prevent the spread of PMK in Bali by letting your cows be slaughtered," said the man who had served as Head of the Bali BPBD.


The bureaucrat from Buleleng continued that the breeders take care of the rest of their cows, by keeping the cows and cages clean. According to him, PMK is like the Covid-19 virus, which spreads quickly, so cleanliness needs to be maintained. "By slaughtering these cows, it does not mean that PMK has disappeared, so it is still necessary to keep the cows and cages clean," he said.


On the other hand, Syamsul Maarif said this assistance is a central government program that aims not only to prevent the spread of FMD through conditional slaughter of cattle but also to stimulate farmers not to give up raising livestock. "Don't worry about raising livestock even though there is PMK, because the government will always be there for the farmers if needed," he said.

 On the occasion of that afternoon, he also appreciated the fast performance of the Bali Provincial Government in distributing the assistance. According to him, Bali is the first province to distribute assistance to farmers, although the largest number of PMK is not in Bali.

The total number of cattle that are conditionally slaughtered in Bali is 412 heads owned by 150 farmers. Each cow is paid Rp 10 million by the government. That afternoon, assistance was given to 319 cows owned by 64 farmers from Denpasar, Gianyar, Jembrana, Klungkung and Tabanan. Meanwhile, the remaining assistance for about 273 cows owned by 86 farmers from Badung and Buleleng has been distributed previously. Regarding the assistance mechanism itself, it must be received directly by the farmer and cannot be represented. (Rls/Btnc)