SERAMBI 2023 Kick Off, Vice Governor of Bali Tjok Ace Invites People to Exchange Money at Official Banking Services 

  • 27 Maret 2023
  • 23:03 WITA
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SERAMBI 2023 Kick Off, Vice Governor of Bali Tjok Ace

DENPASAR - Vice Governor of Bali Prof. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati  or Cok Ace accompanied by the Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for Bali Province Trisno Nugroho started the implementation of the 2023 Happy Blessings of Ramadhan and Eid Al-Fitr (Kick Off SERAMBI) which was marked by pressing the digital screen, at the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for Bali Province, Monday (Maret 27, 2023) . In his direction,  Tjok Ace expressed his appreciation for the SERAMBI 2023 Kick Off activity which is expected to educate the Balinese people about exchanging money suitable for circulation ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

The Vice Governor of Bali added that this year Bank Indonesia is preparing to exchange money suitable for circulation in anticipation of Eid 2023 increasing compared to the previous year's Eid. This increase is related to economic growth which is getting better and there is no longer any determination of PPKM status by the government as well as the homecoming tradition carried out by the community during Eid al-Fitr. For this reason, Bank Indonesia will provide money exchange services through banks in all provinces throughout Indonesia, including in the Province of Bali. "For the people of Bali who are going to exchange money for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr or Eid in 2023, I ask them to exchange money at a bank/place designated by Bank Indonesia. The public need not worry because the Representative of Bank Indonesia for the Province of Bali will provide the money fit for circulation in sufficient quantities and denominations," he added. The same thing was also conveyed by Trisno Nugroho in his speech where the improving economic activity on the island of Bali had an impact on increasing the need for cash. For this reason, we project that the need for cash during Ramadhan 2023 will be Rp. 2,985 billion or an increase of 5% compared to 2022. In addition, for money exchange activities, we have opened exchange services in 206 bank office networks spread throughout Bali as well as exchange services in public facilities such as services in crowded centers, joint mobile cash, and cash services. Homecoming Care at the Mengwi and Padangbai Terminals.

"We are committed to ensuring the availability of Rupiah currency to meet the needs of people in all areas of Bali during the 2023 Ramadhan month, in sufficient quantities, in appropriate denominations, just in time and in a condition suitable for circulation," he said. Trisno Nugroho also hopes that with the SERAMBI 2023 activity, the public will be educated to Love Proudly Understanding Rupiah, especially regarding how to manage money. This is in line with the increasing demand for money during Ramadan, so we urge people to "Spend Wisely Using Rupiah" as our joint effort to reduce rising prices of goods/inflation. The SERAMBI 2023 Kick Off this morning is also filled with the release of a mobile cash car that will travel around Bali serving money exchange ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriah. (Rls/Btnc