Visiting 4 Villages in Abiansemal - Badung Regency, Putri Koster Expresses Her Gratitude for the Support and Cooperation of PKK Cadres to End Stunting

  • 25 Agustus 2023
  • 11:08 WITA
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Putri Koster in the social action that she carried out on Friday ( August  25, 2023) in four (4) villages in the Badung area in the

BADUNG, - Never tired, Putri Koster as Chairperson of the TP PKK Bali Province  oversees the ongoing program of the Central PKK Activator Team for the success of a prosperous and quality national development. She emphasized that every PKK cadre, whether Regency/City, Sub-District, Village to Banjar, should continue to coordinate with the Provincial PKK Mobilization Team in an effort to improve family welfare in communities that have different levels of social ability, standard of living and education. For this reason, the task of the PKK Mobilizing Team as cadres is to carry out socialization and social action.

This was conveyed by Putri Koster in the social action that she carried out on Friday ( August  25, 2023) in four (4) villages in the Badung area in the "Greeting and Sharing" Social Action activity. "Don't let us, as an extension of the center and cadres of the PKK move our hands and take responsibility. It is our duty to succeed and create a healthy, prosperous, intelligent and quality society," Putri Koster said. She added, for this reason, the role of a mother as the front guard must be realized by all parties. Don't let the high level of education you have and your career make a woman (especially a mother) forget her obligations and duties to accompany and protect her family (husband and children).

Accompanied by the Head of the Badung Regency PKK Mobilization Team Seniasih Giri Prasta, Head of the Bali Province Indigenous Peoples Promotion Service I Gusti Agung Ketut Kartika Jaya Seputra, Head of the Bali Province Village Community Development, Population and Civil Registry Office Putu Anom Agustina, Head of the Provincial Agriculture and Food Security Service Bali I Wayan Sunada, Head of the Bali Province Forestry and Environment Service, I Made Teja, Head of the Bali Province Social Service, Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Luh Ayu Aryani, Managing Director of Bali Mandara Eye Hospital Dr. Ni Made Yuniti,
Chairperson the TP PKK Bali Province handed over assistance to 50 people, consisting of 10 elderly people, 10 pregnant women, 10 people with disabilities, 10 PKK cadres and 10 toddlers, in the form of 20 kg of rice , 1 box of eggs, 8 boxes of milk (for each toddler), 2 boxes of milk for each elderly, 2 boxes of milk for each pregnant woman, 2 boxes of milk for persons with disabilities and 2 boxes of milk for each cadre PKK. The delivery of assistance for a series of social actions "Greet and Share" this time was carried out in four (4) locations, namely Wantilan Temple Village and Puseh Bongkase Traditional Village, Abiansemal District - Badung, Wantilan Traditional Village Taman, Taman Village, Abiansemal District, Badung, Balai Banjar Pemijian, Sangeh Village, Abiansemal District - Badung, Wantilan Pura Dalem Gede, Abiansemal Traditional Village, Abiansemal Dauh Yeh Cani Village, Abiansemal District - Badung. Don't forget Putri Koster reminded all parents, both mothers and fathers, including grandparents, uncles and aunts, not to be negligent when educating their toddlers, especially at their golden age, so that they don't get used to holding cellphones from a young age. "Educating and raising children should be accompanied by a balanced parenting system between playing, studying and resting. It doesn't only have to be entertainment via mobile phones, because besides being able to damage the corneas of their eyes, it will also interfere with their curiosity through reading," Putri Koster said, who also serves as the mother of PAUD in Bali.

Main Director of Bali Mandara Eye Hospital, dr. Ni Made Yuniti added that parents should not let go of their children, even if they are in their teens and adulthood, because monitoring of children's development must still be carried out, especially related to efforts to maintain diet and rest, because everything comes from health. The eyes will be disturbed if we are sleep deprived and pay less attention to the food we consume and even exposed to too much radiation from computer screens, televisions and cellphones. Apart from that, the kidneys will also get sick if we don't focus on maintaining adequate sleeping hours or sleep patterns and understanding the character of drinks that are good for the kidneys. Therefore, it is also possible to increase the amount of sugar (glaucoma) in the body which causes diabetes. Lack of sleep and unhealthy eating patterns will also affect the growth and development of the baby in the womb, because it will cause disturbances in the growth and development of the baby. In addition, the use of mobile phones that are too frequent and dominant will interfere with the growth and development of the baby, including when he is in the womb. Bali's target towards a prosperous and stunting-free society continues to be encouraged by the Chairperson of the Bali Province PKK Driving Team and staff. The Bali Province PKK Activator Team synergizes with the Regency TP PKK on an ongoing basis and sustainably runs the Central PKK continuation program to build advanced regions in which there are people who are prosperous, healthy, smart and free of stunting. To realize all this, the PKK Mobilizing Team as the government's main support organization is obliged to maintain coordination from the central level to the lowest level, namely the banjar.

Putri Koster always reminds PKK cadres and the general public to take part in maintaining a proper and regular diet and rest pattern, so that it does not interfere with the growth and development period which has a strong impact on health. "I am very grateful to all the community, especially the PKK cadres for their support and cooperation in creating a strong, smart, healthy and quality family. Because we are the ones who play a role in passing on knowledge and insight while you are the ones who carry it out and realize it through disciplined behavior, so that Bali can won an award as the Province with the lowest stunting rate in Indonesia, and became the best region with the lowest stunting rate," she added.

The Head of the Bali Provincial Forestry and Environment Service, I Made Teja, provided 50 tree seedlings (Coconut, Durian, Mangosteen and Longan) to the Head of the Badung District PKK Mobilization Team. In addition, the Head of the Agriculture and Food Security Service of the Province of Bali I Wayan Sunada provided assistance with 70 chicken seeds, 140 kg of animal feed and 500 vegetable tree seeds (Cabe) to the Head of the Badung Regency PKK Mobilization Team. The contribution from the Bali Provincial Health Office is also visible, which synergizes with the Badung District Health Office to provide free medical check-up services at each Social Action location. Also carried out the IVA Test in Sangeh Village, which was carried out in the Badung Regency IVA Test Car. While the Bali Mandara Eye Hospital (RSMBM) also carried out eye health examination services, prepared 100 pcs of free reading glasses for each Social Action location. Meanwhile, free cataract surgery is carried out and centered at the Abiansemal I
Community Health centers.(Rls/Btnc)