The Hidden Cave in Kelating is Inhabited by Thousands of Tailed Bats, TABANAN 
The hidden  cave  in Banjar Dukuh, Kelating Village, Kerambitan District, Tabanan Regency has its own unique. The cave which is called the gala cave is inhabited by thousands of tailed bats.
The cave is around Enjung called Karang Taman Agung. At the top of the cave is the Tegal Linggah Temple. There is no access road to the cave and the only way to go to the cave is through the kelating coast.
The cave is not too broad and dead-end. When entering into a gully, thousands of bats were perched. There is also a sculpture in the cave and a place to offer offerings.
This bat shape is smaller than a normal bat. It's just that the difference between these bats has a tail that is about 2.5 centimeters long in black.
Many tourists who usually do ATVs on the coast take time to take pictures into the cave. Because this cave is unique.
"The trust of our people in relation to the existence of these bats is limited to the fact that no one should disturb or shoot," Gede Wayan Suyadnya explained. ( / Made Donny )