Thousands of Tourists spend The New Year 2019 in Tanah Lot Destination, TABANAN 
Tanah Lot Destination ini Berban Village, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province  are invaded by thousands of visitors, both local, domestic and foreign tourists to coincide with the 2019 New Year, on Tuesday (January 1, 2019).
The visitors began arriving in Tanah Lot since the morning which was dominated by domestic visitors with groups who used to use buses. Moving on at 11.00 a.m., two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles began to appear creeping into the parking area and are expected to continue to boom until the afternoon.
I Ketut Toya Adnyana as Operational Manager of Tanah Lot Destination said the booming number of tourists earlier this year is expected to continue. Because of the data available compared to 2018, the number of visits to Tanah Lot decreased by 4.63% when compared to 2017. The number of visits in 2017 was 3,497,825 and in 2018 reached 3,335,822 visitors with a percentage of 55% of foreign tourists and 45 % of domestic tourists. This number exceeded the target set at 3,011,013, but certainly less than the previous year. "Based on the results of our analysis, several factors causing the decline in the number of visits in 2018 include, the impact of the great volcanic eruption in 2017 which still had an impact in early 2018, the earthquake in Java in April 2018, bomb terror in several regions in Indonesia the period of May 2018, the earthquake in Lombok in July 2018, the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Palu in September 2018, the Government's policy regarding Chinese tourism agents, and the eruption of the Mount Krakatau Children which impacted the tsunami on Banten Pandeglang recently, "  I Ketut Toya Adnyana said. 
In 2019, explained Toya Adnyana, managers prioritize regional infrastructure improvements and maintenance based on priority scale. "In 2019 we are more concerned with repairs and maintenance and it is possible for the annual event promotion program to continue," he said. 
During the new year, Tanah Lot Destination area that relies on natural charm and a temple aura of holiness amid the sea is full of tourists, dominated by domestic tourists. He added, the beauty of sunset is still a favorite for tourists. There are also many tourists who are motivated from the Tanah Lot Temple located in the middle of the sea. Holy springs and thick snakes also attract tourists. ( / Made Donny )