The Police Helped Tourists Lift Python Snake in Snake Park Tanah Lot Destination, Tabanan 
Tanah Lot Destination in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province is not just offering good view of Tanah Lot temple.  But Tanah Lot has snake park also. 
Many tourists interested in taking pictures in snake park. Antony, a French tourist who visits the Snake Park in the Tanah Lot area with a friend who is very interested in taking pictures with a large Python Snake on Wednesday 13rd Pebruary 2019.
Unfortunately the snake with a weight of 200 kg and a length of 7 meters cannot be lifted together. Incidentally when the Police Chief Subsector Tanah lot was patrolling past the snake park, then the police chief of the Subsector Tanah  lot inspector Subagia helped lift it . Even though there are still fewer people to be appointed three because of the length of the snake. But the snake can already be lifted from the ground to be photographed together with Mr. Antony and his friend. 
Mr. Antony, a Frenchman and his friend, thanked Mr. Subagia, the Police Inspector who helped him to take pictures with a large python. “Mercy Mercy,”  Antony said. Antoy also said that Bali is amazing so beautiful and the police is very very helpful. “Great Great, congratulations Indonesian Police is the best one in the world,” Antony friend added.  At that time  the Chief police Tanah lot Mr Inspector Subagia hope they come to Bali again. ( / APP )