Attract Tourists, Governor Koster Hope Makepung Cup Included in Tourism Calendars, Jembrana

Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster hopes that return the Mekepung Governor Bali Cup for the first time will be an annual agenda and included in the list of tourism calendars.

This was conveyed by Governor Koster after hand over the trophy  Mekepung Governor Bali Cup at the Makepung Samblong Arena, Sanggar Agung, Jembrana, Sunday (14/7). Previously on the same day, separately this activity was opened by Deputy Governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace).

"This activity can attract tourist visits to Jembrana, in the future it should be coupled with other activities. So that it does not last only a day, but at least three days or more," Koster  said who appeared to be present accompanied by Putri Suastini Koster and Regional Secretary  of Bali Province Dewa Made Indra.

To realize this, Governor Koster will fix the Makepung race arena which happens to be on the assets of the Bali Provincial Government. "It will be arranged for the better, not only the route for buffaloes to run but overall, including the mechanism of implementation," he explained.

Not only that, Governor Koster also plans to hold similar competition activities in the coming years. "In addition to makepung, events will also be held, such as the Jegog Festival or the like," he added.

While related to the reason for the Cup Governor Makepung competition which was initiated by him, this was part of an effort to preserve and develop the typical tradition of Jembrana Regency. "Makepung is a unique tradition born of an agrarian culture and is fairly rare, we should preserve it," he said.

In addition, this Cup Governor Makepung activity is one realization of his political promise to the Jembrana community before becoming governor to revive the typical traditions of West Bali.

"During the Governor Election campaign, there were aspirations from the Jembrana community so that the makepung tradition was revived and I promised, this gratitude in 2019 could be done quite well. And was the first Governor of the Cup" Koster said,  who is also chairman DPD PDIP Bali Province.

Responding to Governor Koster's plan to include Makepung Governor Cup in the list of tourism calendars, he was welcomed by the Deputy Chair of the activity committee, Made Rentana. That way he hopes, this activity will be able to become one of the tourist attractions in Jembrana.

Furthermore, he also thanked the Governor of Bali for organizing the Makepung competition as a distinctive cultural art and the pride of the Jembrana community.

"Thank you, Governor, for re-organizing the Governor's Cup, which has been stalled for the past few years," he said.

Previously, Deputy Governor Cok Ace was accompanied by Deputy Regent of Jembrana Made Kembang Hartawan and Secretary of Bali Province Dewa Indra when opening the event conveying the same thing with Governor Koster.

He hopes that this activity can be carried out continuously in order to enforce tradition and culture in Jembrana district. In addition, regeneration for the perpetrators began to not be extinct. "Because this event proved to be able to attract tourists to watch," Cok Ace said.

For the competition this time it was attended by 360 participants consisting of Ijo Gading Timur group totaling 116 participants and from the Ijo Gading Barat Group totaling 244 participants. General winner is the Iji Gading Barat,  and Ijo Gading Timur must be satisfied as overall second champion. ( / Amo Bali )