Tanah Lot Police Sub Sector Accompanying Australian Tourists Visit Tanah Lot Snake

Balitopnews.com, Tabanan

The head sub sector Tanah lot police Inspector Nyoman Subagia S. Sos accompanying tourists from Australia vMr Peter Curypko Visit the Snake Tanah  lot Park, Monday ( July 15, 2019).

As a public servant,   the the chief Sub Sector Tanah lot police Inspector Nyoman Subagia S.Sos, serving tourists from Australia Mr. Peter Curypko  with his wife when they wanted to visit the Snake Park in the tourist area of ​​Tanah lot, Tabanan, Bali.

Mr. Peter and wife came to Tanah destination lot for a tour to see the beauty of the view in the tourist area Tanah lot. Arriving at Tanah lot they want to visit the snake park on Monday July 15 2019 at 16.38 pm, and ask for help from inspector Nyoman Subagia S. Sos whom they met on the east side of the gate to the beach of Tanah lot. Upon permission from the Chief of the Kediri Police Unit, Marzel Doni, SIK, AK to provide maximum service to the people and tourists, and then chief sub sector Tanah lot police as a public servant, especially those tourists, was escorted to the snake park in the area Tanah lot tourism destination.

Mr. Peter Curypko and his wife were satisfied with the Indonesian Police service in the tourist area of ​​Tanah lot, having provided a sense of security and comfort while traveling in Tanah lot. Not to forget Mr. Peter Curypko expressed his gratitude to Inspector Nyoman Subagia when leaving Tanah lot after sunset ended at 6 pm. (Balitopnews.com / MD / APT )