The Governor of Bali Meets with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Plans Clean Energy Cooperation, Denpasar

Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Indonesia and Timor Leste Owen Jenkins had the opportunity to meet with the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster on Tuesday (24 September 2019) at the Governor's Office of Bali, Jaya Sabha, Denpasar.


Face to face during the official visit of the British Ambassador to Bali in order to further strengthen the harmonious relations of cooperation established, also to explore a number of other potential new cooperation opportunities, such as the clean energy sector.


" The Ambassador coming here to offer, among other things, cooperation in various fields, such as infrastructure, education, tourism to clean energy," Governor Koster said  accompanied by the Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bali Province  AA Ngurah Oka Sutha Diana after the meeting.


According to Governor Koster, Ambassador Owen was very positive after hearing the presentation of various work programs during the year of his administration in an effort to maintain the sanctity, cleanliness and preservation of Bali's nature.


"We are intensively developing policies on clean or renewable energy, with the hope that in the future Bali will be more sustainable and clean, its nature, its environment. So it is more comfortable for tourists, " Koster said.


Koster added, The positive response from Ambassador Owen related to the clean energy sector, was stated with an offer of willingness to provide expert assistance.


"He (Ambassador Owen, red) immediately offered the ability to help by providing the best and experienced experts (clean energy)," Koster added.





This capability is given because it assesses the seriousness and seriousness of the Provincial Government of Bali in implementing clean and renewable energy programs. This is seen by the Governor Koster  various policies related to environmental sustainability.


One of them in the near future, as conveyed by Governor Koster to the British Ambassador is to issue a policy in the form of a governor's regulation  on clean or renewable energy. The purpose is to map energy sources that can be empowered for the Island of the God.



"For example hydropower or solar power, an energy source that could soon be realized in Bali," Koste said.


Meanwhile, Ambassador Owen Jenkins admitted that he indeed offered to work together in synergy. He said he was very open to exchange experiences with the Bali Provincial Government in building a clean energy generation system.


"We have a lot of experienced experts in the field. As we have built in Scotland, and I am sure it will really help the Province of Bali to start the clean and renewable energy movement. The Governor and I have also had a very good discussion in order to find and develop clean energy sources, and their regulations in Bali," Ambassador Owen explained.


According to him, if the policy of clean energy use in Bali is truly implemented to the fullest it will be of extraordinary benefit to the future of Bali as an island.


"It will be very good, especially if you see the Governor's motivation to realize the development of clean energy in Bali. It will make Bali more comfortable, more attractive for tourists. This is an extraordinary step in my opinion, "he said.


Beyond that, Ambassador Owen representing the Government of the United Kingdom claimed he was eager to increase the number of tourist arrivals from his country to Bali. "I have visited some very beautiful attractions, and I really enjoyed it. I will tell the British citizens, this island is a beautiful island for traveling. "The development and improvement of infrastructure in the future will perfect Bali as a tourist destination," he said.

According to him, millions of Britons really appreciate the beauty of culture, scenery and atmosphere in Bali. Therefore, every year thousands of Britons come to Bali to travel.


He added, The number of British citizens who visit Indonesia each year is around 400 thousand people, and the majority of them visit Bali.


Marking 70 years of relations between Britain and Indonesia, the two have worked together in various fields including science, research and education. Through the "Prosperity" program, this collaboration is designed to support Indonesia in overcoming corruption and building infrastructure.



Ambassador Owen realized that regions in Indonesia such as Bali had considerable potential in developing relations between individuals, trade, business and education.


During the collaboration, he said he had shared many challenges in facing rapid urbanization and building modern cities for the 21st century. In addition, the UK will also share about utilizing technology in public services and infrastructure, equipping people with education and skills for the economy in the future.


Specifically in the field of education, Ambassador Owen also explained the existence of the Chevening Scholarship and the 70th anniversary of Indonesian and British diplomatic relations at Udayana University (Unud). The Chevening Scholarship is a scholarship program from the British government that is given to those who have great leadership talent to study Masters in the UK for all study subjects.


This scheme is intended for those who have the potential to become leaders, decision makers, opinion formers who can make a positive contribution to the future of Indonesia. Around 70 Indonesian students study in the UK each year through free Chevening scholarships including school fees and living expenses in the UK. ( / Amo Bali )