Governor Koster Raises Headmaster's Allowance SMA, SMA, SLB in Bali More than 300 Percent, Denpasar

Headmaster, who is the highest leader in an educational institution, has a very large role in bringing and determining the quality of education. In carrying out their role as leader, the principal is demanded to be able to act as a manager in charge of managing everything related to the school.

The headmaster must be able as a supervisor to monitor and foster the learning process at school. The central role of the  headmaster in improving the quality of education received special attention from the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster, so that starting in October 2019 the allowance for high school / vocational / high school principals throughout Bali was increased. No responsibility, Governor Koster increased  allowance the headmaster more than 300%.

This was conveyed by the Governor of Bali in his briefing to the headmaster of high school / vocational / SLB schools in Bali related to (Governor Regulation ) Pergub No. 7 of 2019 concerning additional income for PNSD who occupy functional positions of teachers and education personnel in secondary education and special education units in the Bali Provincial Government, which took place in the Wiswasabha Meeting Room, Bali Governor's Office, Tuesday (5 November 2019).

Further in his direction, Governor Koster who is also the Chairman of the DPD  PDI-P Bali Province  explained that the increase in the allowance of the headmaster was given as a form of government appreciation for the performance of the headmaster and was one of the efforts in improving the quality of education in secondary schools. With this increase in benefits, the number one person in Bali hopes that the position of headmaster is really filled by qualified people who are able to lead his school, arrange the delivery of his school education so as to improve the quality of the school they leads.

"Previously, the headmaster's allowance was only 1.5 million rupiah and as of this October I increased it to 6 million 250 thousand rupiah. The increase was very high and the professional allowance was still obtained. With the increase in this allowance, I hope that the principal can improve the quality of his school. "Disciplined students, the teacher is also disciplined, the teaching system and school governance are also good and in the end the quality of school education will improve," he said in front of around 142 high school / vocational / high school headmaster in Bali.

Governor Koster also said that education is one of the priority areas of the Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali Vision. In the future more high schools / vocational schools / SLBs will be built in Bali and the expansion of buildings and educational supporting infrastructure in schools, so that schools can accommodate all students and the implementation of compulsory education for 12 years can be achieved.

"We also continue to conduct a number of studies and implement a number of programs in an effort to improve the quality of Bali's human resources so as to create superior Balinese human resources, have competitiveness and be able to win the competition at the global level," Koster said. ( )