Kintamani Chinese Festival 2020 Ready to be Held

Head of the Bali Tourism Office Putu Astawa, Denpasar - After reaping the success when it was first carried out, the Balingkang Festival or this year called the Kintamani Chinese Festival was held again on the 8th of February. The parade which will be held in the Geopark area, will feature a form of cultural acculturation between Bali and China.

This was conveyed by the Head of the Tourism Office Putu Astawa to the media crew after leading the 2020 Kintamani Chinese Festival preparation meeting in the Soka rapak room, Office of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Denpasar, Thursday ( January 16, 2020)

In his statement, Astawa said the main purpose of organizing the festival was to target the potential Chinese market to come to Bali "As we know, there are a lot of Chinese tourists coming, as well as Australian tourists. So we have to take advantage of this market share, "he explained . In addition, according to him, this parade is also a form of cultural acculturation between China and Bali which has existed since ancient times and is still ongoing down to present.

He added, his party has collaborated with ASITA, which handles Chinese tourists to bring in around 1,500 tourists to watch the parade. "It is possible that the number of tourists who come can be even more. So the echo of this festival can be wider in the international world, "he explained.

The performances to be held are traditional Balinese and Chinese performances. "So we want the Balinese to be able to watch performances from the bamboo curtain country, and vice versa, tourists can watch traditional Balinese performances. So I hope there will be a cultural exchange here, "he added.

In addition to the performing arts, a different thing is also present at the festival this time, namely the kintamani dog parade. "As we know, the Kintamani breed is a native species of Kintamani which we need to preserve and introduce to the world. So I hope that through this festival, the existence of the Kintamani dog will be known and will be in line with world-class dog breeds, ”he explained

Astawa explained that the festival is free and open to all groups. So he hopes the Balinese people as well as domestic and foreign tourists can watch the festival. "This also does not rule out the possibility of foreign tourists outside of China coming and watching. Because we want this festival to get to the whole world, "he said. (