Bali Tourism Office Take Early Anticipatory Steps Regarding Corona Virus Issues

Putu Astawa - Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Denpasar - Regarding the issue of the spread of the corona virus from China, the Government of Bali Province through the Bali Provincial Tourism Office has taken several steps to anticipate it early. "At present we have coordinated with various parties to conduct early detection to anticipate the spread of the virus in Bali."  Putu Astawa said as Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office to the media crew at the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Denpasar, Thursday (January 23, 2020)

One of the anticipatory steps, according to him, is coordinating with the Bali Provincial Health Office and Ngurah Rai Airport authorities to install a body temperature detector at the arrival gate. "As we know that the virus did indeed originate from China, so we carry out intensive supervision of tourists from China," Astawa explained.

In fact, according to him, the Bali Provincial Health Service has coordinated with Hospitals in Bali both public and private hospitals to always be ready if there are tourists stolen suspect suffering from the virus. "So the Health Service has written to the Hospital, to always be ready if there are tourists who suspect the virus," he added.

To socialize the various anticipatory measures, Astawa also claimed to have sent a circular to the tourism stakeholders, consulates-general in Bali and the Bali tourism industry. "We do not want tourism actors to be uneasy about this issue. "However, we must be calm so that tourism in Bali remains conducive," he added. He also admitted that this step was taken to avoid the confusion of information in the tourism industry. While the circular to the consulate is expected to provide detention to foreign tourists who are not from China not to be afraid of coming to Bali.

Responding to the restrictions on Chinese tourists as taken by the Government of Thailand, until now Astawa claimed not to take that step. He said that his party still welcomed Chinese tourists, especially that there will be a Kintamani Festival which will tell about the acculturation of Balinese and Chinese culture. However, he admitted that his side remained vigilant by installing these early detection devices, as well as deploying personnel to check on suspected tourists. "We will later monitor directly at the airport, and will examine tourists who are suspected of suspecting the virus directly, if they are pleased," he said.

While Chairman of the Bali Tourism Industry Association Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana said he had met with the Chinese Consul General in Denpasar. He acknowledged that the consul general strongly supports the steps taken by the Bali Provincial Government in collaboration with tourism actors. Even Partha Adnyana said, that the Chinese Consul General does not matter if there are restrictions on tourists from his country to Bali. "They are not a problem and understand if we limit Chinese tourists to Bali if the corona virus problem is getting bigger and wider like the SARS virus used to be. Moreover, soon is the Chinese New Year holiday, many Chinese tourists who will visit Bali. However, hopefully this will not happen, "he explained.

Because after all the Bali tourist market is not only China. The tourism industry in this case also has to think long in the interests of Bali's tourism going forward. "We do not want to because of this problem, many tourists from outside China are reluctant to visit Bali," he said. (