Meped Ceremony in Beraban Village, Followed By 400 Participants, TABANAN 
Meped Ceremony in Beraban Village, Kediri Sub District, Tabanan Regency, followed by 400 participants on Wednesday ( July 4, 2018). 
Meped ceremony  in order to Karya  Ngenteg Linggih in Dalem Prabu Tample in  Beraban Village started from 08.00 AM was followed by Balinese Mom (PKK)  Banjar Beraban and Bajar Nyanyi by starting in front of each bale banjar.
PKK banjar beraban walking through the intersection of batanbuah to  Dalem Prabu Temple  Beraban Village which is located in the street majors Nyanyi -Beraban. Balinese Mom,   PKK banjar Nyanyi through Simpamg Nyanyi westward on foot.  They accompanied by Gamelan gong Balinese Traditional  Orchestra . Then mepeed participants pray together in Dalem Prabu Temple.
The security officers were carried out by Tanah Lot Polsubsector personnel led by Tanah Lot Subdistrict Police Sector I Nyoman Subagia S. Sos, bhabinkamtibmas Desa Beraban Aiptu Nyoman Nendia, Kediri Police Unit Patrol, Babinsa Desa Beraban, and 10 Balinese traditional security ( pecalang ). 
"Activities that lasted until 10.30 AM was going on safe and smooth," Kapda Sub sectors Tanah Lot I Nyoman Subagia S. Sos said. (made donny)