USHA Cafe` and Bakery, Place To Find Russian Delicacies in Ubud, Bali, GIANYAR 
A good news for those who would like to enjoy some yummy cakes and some Russian delicacies any time throughout the day. 
You can come to beautifully cafe` located in the secluded and relaxing area of Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, that is USHA Café & Bakery. A cafe` which will give you a second-home with relaxing nuance.
She is Yulia, a pretty and gracious woman behind this cafe`. USHA is formed with love when Yulia met Maksim, her husband in Ubud. The love grew between them and so was the inspiration to share their passion and love through cakes.
"We would like to introduce the real flavors of cakes made out of only premium quality of natural ingredients consistently made with passion," said Yulia at USHA Cafe` and Bakery, Friday, July 27th 2018.
For those people who are wondering the story behind the name itself, it comes from the short-form of Yulia’s Surname of “Yushkevych” so there comes USHA.
"USHA is come from my surname "Yushakevych", the U is pronounced like “you”," she said.
Each of the cake is beautifully hand-crafted and the inspiration of each cake comes from different cultures and life experiences of the owners.
For instance, the Napoleon and Honey-chocolate cake came from their Eastern European background and they grew up closely with these.
While sneakers cake, lavender & blackcurrant cheesecake, Honey & blackcurrant, banana & cheese soufflé, carrot cake, their lovely eclairs and truffles were inspired by places they travelled to. 
"Each of the ingredient is measured precisely to every gram ensuring consistent quality of standard delivered all the time," she explained.
For those who might be curious of the Russian delicacies, the Salmon Soup, Chebureks (deep fried puff dough with paprika, onion, mozzarella with pork, garlic, onion, coriander, celery on the inside) and the Russian dumplings (with meat and vegetarian option) might be an option to try on your next visit.
"We also have milkshakes with home-made vanilla ice cream with pure vanilla seeds, passion fruit lemonade made with pure juice, honey and no added sugar and our specialty coffee are the highlights of our beverage list," she added.
For you a sweet-tooth or who simply would like to brighten up your own or someone’s day, you can deal with Banana cheese soufflé, Napoleon cake, Carrot cake. 
"We are not responsible for any cake day-dreaming which might happen after you have tried our cakes," she said convincingly.
With a serene little garden and a homey seating arrangement, USHA is suitable for those who would like to come by themselves, with families and friends for breakfast, lunch, high-tea or supper from 8 AM to 9 PM daily. ( / I Komang Adhi Irawan )