Supreme Court Wins Sukaja Lawsuit
Supreme Court won a civil lawsuit on the defendant I Wayan Sukaja  for  Regent of Tabanan and the candidate regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti and IKG Sanjaya.
Letter Sukaja decision victory over a civil lawsuit related to the funding problems  social assistance had received, on Wednesday  (25/5).

In fact, the decision letter has been out almost two years ago, exactly on October 28, 2014.
Although it has been won by the Supreme Court, Sukaja suspect that inhibits the letter down. Moreover, at that time before the celebration of the elections Tabanan. "If there is not anything, this decision must have been I have received in accordance with the date October 28, 2014," explained Sukaja. For the late decision it down, Sukaja will consult again with the team and his lawyer. To determine the next legal steps.

Related delay a copy of the Supreme Court verdict fell into the hands of the plaintiffs, described by the Public Relations District Court Tabanan I Gusti Ngurah Putu Rama.
Putu Rama explained that the copy of the judgment slow given to interested parties, in general that there still exists as the cassation appeal that occurred at one of the plaintiffs who sued or , and therefore the law is still waiting for the Supreme Court decision of Jakarta. "So from this are still waiting for the law of cassation from the heart" he explained.